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What's the Real Deal with Creatine?

I consider myself a non-responder b/c at the time I wasn’t eating any red meat and was taking 5g a day for about 8months without a break. Then I took myself off it, while not having any red meat…and didn’t notice anything different as far as weight, soreness/recovery went.

I think it might play a better role if one is cutting though. I was eating a ton and when I’m eating that much I don’t have any problem recovering.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Are we sure “non-responder” is the correct term?

I’d imagine some people on here are getting plenty of it through diet and just don’t benefit from taking it in a supplement form.


Could be. I guess i don’t respond to “supplementing” with creatine. That would probably be the correct way to state it. I eat lots of chicken, not much of any other type of meat, usually. I don’t know if I get alot it through my diet then.

Walmart creatine works just fine for me, i respond quite well, muscles harden in about 3 days, gain 5-7 pounds(water of course) in about 2 weeks, max reps/weight increase, and people always ask me “man what are you taking.” For some of the posters, i didn’t think it was recommended to take more than 1 month on then 2 weeks off, something like that?