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What's the Real Deal with Creatine?


I bought some of this stuff a few months ago... I used it for about 3 weeks and didn't notice any real difference in anything except for lots of bright flashing lights when I closed my eyes. Stopped taking it and that's gone.

Now I know a lot of guys like this stuff... I still have it sitting downstairs and I know if this stuff REALLY does help then I'm being a fool by not using it.

So why the hell did it not do anything within those 3 weeks?

Any ideas?



It has always worked with very predictable results for me.


3 weeks?


Creatine is not dianabol. The effects are not so dramatic that you will notice profound effects in 3 weeks.

Some people are non responders though. If you want to try it again stick with it for a few months then make a decision whether or not it does anything for you.


I never noticed anything from it, but maybe I'm just weird.


But I thought creatine WAS a steroid?


Still not dianabol though...


if you're eating enough red meat, adding 5g of creatine a day wont make any noticeable changes. Im almost sure now that the strength gains people make are because people dont eat enough red meat or drink enough water.


I am a non-responder.

But you should figure out if you want to do a 'loading phase' or not, and then stick with it for a while (2mo at least), make sure your drinking close to a gallon (or more) of water a day, and weigh in once every two weeks to see if you hold some extra water.


honestly creatine dirt cheap compared to other stuff so even if its just going the slightest thing that i cant even feel i throw 5g in the pwo shake anyway because its only going to help yano


"non responder" here too.

Used it, didn't dig it, don't use it anymore.


What brand and what type? (ie, CEE, or buffered) and did you load/are you properly hydrated, is your diet for shit, are you taking with carb and protein, the list goes on...


Is this a joke?


Yes, I was being sarcastic.


Thought so. I have a hard time telling anymore.


Are you sure your taking creatine? Ive never heard of creatine making you see things...


How do people tell if they are "non-responders"? I have taken it regularly before for several months and never really noticed huge difference. Is it the weight gain that tells the difference?


Ya noticed since I started taking creatine I get an amazing kaleidoscope effect of colors when I close my eyes at night. Im not saying it has anything to do with the creatine though.


It probably doesn't.

Creatine phosphate stored predominately in your skeletal muscle.

I doubt it's causing your weird colors.


I know I'm a non responder because I don't put on any water weight while supplementing with it. Also, I make steady strength and size gains when im supp'in with it or not. Sometimes I just won't have any around to use and I'll be too lazy to go buy some. However, like i said, i don't experience any difference in performance or results in the gym. I still try to use it all the time because theres so much science behind it and its really affordable.


Are we sure "non-responder" is the correct term?

I'd imagine some people on here are getting plenty of it through diet and just don't benefit from taking it in a supplement form.