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What's the Proper Way to Do Dips?

Just curious. I have heard different ways to “correctly” do the dip. Ive heard everything from “Dont go past the 90 degree mark” to “Unless your bicep touches your forearm you arent getting a full tricep stretch…”

So my question is…
A) What is the most proper and efficient way to do the dip?

B) How do you put more emphasis on the triceps OR the chest? (I.E. Which angle, etc is appropriate for the emphasis you’re looking for).

Thanks gentlemen.

I’d go past the 90 degree mark on dips. If you’re looking to hit your triceps, use parallel bars, keep those arms in, and keep your body upright.
If you’re looking to work the chest, use a v-bar and do gironda dips. Basically you’re going to flare the arms out and keep your chin on your chest.

Don’t start too enthusiastically, I’ve noticed it’s easy to pull a muscle with dips. If you have no bands, you can’t really work your way up to bodyweight. I pulled something underneath my pec the other day and it still hurts.

It’s like starting a new exercise–a very steep decline bench–at bodyweight, which might be over 200 pounts. You gotta ease into it.

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i like to ‘pump’ my dips. meaning ill keep it 10% within the very ends of the lift spectrum. and pump it like a cylinder in a car. but the madness doesnt stop there. ill do a couple sets with full rom… holding the very bottom position for a second.
after a couple sets, its my triceps that are burning, not my chest. some will say that it’s compensation for a weak chest… but i think its just me.

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  1. Full ROM without pain, but I’d go further and encourage “whatever works for you.”
  2. Same rules as bench press. Wide goes to chest while close goes to triceps.

[quote]dizzy101 wrote:
If you have no bands, you can’t really work your way up to bodyweight.[/quote]

A simple ROM progression would work. Doing pushups at different angles and simply increasing your bench can also help.