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What's the Problem Here?


My fat loss has been slowing down...It halted at 219lbs from 225lbs..,.I think I found that the problem resides in the protein powder I take. Im taking syntha-6 and lean dessert protein...

Here is what i take FROM PROTEIN POWDER ALONE.

1320 calories
36g of fat
16g sat fat >.<
84 g of carbs
168g of protein =D

I've been taking syntha 6 in the earlier parts of the day because of more carbs and the Lean dessert protein in the latter part of the day, regardless im switching to ON. It seems that the sat fat might be killing me, anybody think so? I ordered 15 lbs of ON Whey. The nutritional facts seem more reasonable.

Here is my real food diet...not exact but pretty close

breakfast: 2 cups of oatmeal, 4-5 eggwhites, apple
lunch: grilled chicken or salmon, mixed vegetables, apples or mixed fruit
Dinner: Salad with tuna or turkey, fatfree dressing, shredded cheese

Im just taking the protein shakes in between to keep my metabolism up.

So, does everyone agree that its most likely the protein powder thats killin me?


I'd say it's the carbs in the shakes (84g alone) plus you probably take in too many carbs with all that fruit in your diet, might wanna replace em with more veggies.


two fruits a day is too much?


I think the switch to Optimum Nutrition whey is in order.


Try switching to more food and less dependence on protein powder. If you are looking to stimulate your metabolism try eating another meal it will be more effective than a whey shake. Also you need to eat fat to lose fat so try adding in more fish and flax seed. I would lower your carbs too to account for the increase in fat. And eat more veggies!!!!
Ultimately calories in vs. calories out is going to control your weight loss so I would start right now eating ~2700kcals. When you stall increase your exercise, and then next time decrease your kcals.


Well, he wasn't being very specific about the quantities of his food intake so I took a wild guess and thought that maybe "apples or mixed fruits" could mean maybe 5 of them. I honestly don't know, but it can't be the measly 36 grams of fat from the shakes.


Are you aware that the supplement you take isn't really considered a 'protein powder' but more of a 'meal replacement'? I would most definitely drop that junk and use Whey Isolate, low fat and low carb.. high protein of course.

Your diet is clean, so if you do that you will see a hell of a difference, in fact you will likely want to add in some fats and maybe a little carbs depending on what you are trying to do (keto/cyclic, etc.)and work down from there.

I also would never get caught up on a brand of product (ON, Lebrada,.. whatever) but on the profile - and assay if possible. I buy in bulk and it is considerably cheaper (£30 for 10lbs - approx. $70) and just as quality as any i have used.


I started using Fitday and was shocked at how many carbs I was taking in when eating fruit considering I had tried to move away from known carb sources like Potato, bread and pasta.

I was eating 2 small apples and 2 small bananas a day. Swapped them out for cottage cheese and some mixed seeds.

Far better results now but you need to make sure yur Calories count is low enough to make a difference. 1300 calories from protein shakes seems far far to high to me if you are looking to strip the fat away (without knowing how many calories you are burning through exercise).


"Im just taking the protein shakes in between to keep my metabolism up."

Stop this for 4 weeks and report back.


not to mention that the carbs in supps like these are almost always just simple sugars. Something you really want to avoid for fat loss.