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Whats the Prank about Deca?

Hi guys, what is that horror storyes about Deca-Dick everywhere on the forums? Is that real, dosage dependent or bs?

It’s real, neurologically mediated… effects everyone individually.

Some guys have full on “deca dick”, depression, lack of lust for life at say… 100mg/wk, others can use 1000mg/wk and be fine

Should be noted in terms of endothelial dysfunction induced/arterial damage nandrolone appears to be more toxic than T alone, however the study of which people cite to indicate this being the case exposes endothelial cells in vitro (so… this doesn’t replicate the conditions of which would be seen within the human body) to MASSIVE concentrations of T/N until 50% of the cells died… Nandrolone isn’t as bad as tren, but it’s probably considerably more toxic than testosterone mg/mg (also considerably stronger)

So more neurologic issues, damn… it’s scary to see many threads on forums about this. Good to know, I will not touch it…

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All AAS can induce neurological dysregulation, this isn’t an issue sole to nandrolone. Nandrolone merely seems to induce more severe, long lasting side effects. Trenbolone is the other compound particularly known for causing this type of issue.

I’ve used nandrolone before (low dosages), never had any issues neurologically. Drostanolone on the other hand made me slightly more irritable, more prone to confrontation (especially if being picked on in person, I’d be more prone to calling people out).

I would use Masteron, Primobolan or Proviron with my TRT, they seens to have less side effects and safer compounds. What dose did you use to became irritable on Masteron?

100mg/wk, also trashed my lipids (but was with 120mg deca/wk without test, E2 is pivotal for adequate glucose/lipid metabolism)

Nonaromatising AAS generally tend to hit the lipids harder, mast in particular is culpable for inducing atrociously low HDL cholesterol readings. Watch the anabolic docs video on mast, he states within his practice he’s noticed Masteron in particular may be responsible for inducing a wide variety of different arrhythmias. We don’t have enough data, but perhaps anecdotally masteron could serve to be fairly proarrythmiac

Nothing is free in this world. Whatever positive you get here, there’s probably a negative equatable in scope to said positive.

Also, using primo because it’s safer, but using like 1200mg/wk doesn’t indicate it’s safer anymore. It’s dose dependent. 500mg primo MIGHT be milder than 500mg test (certainly not in terms of lipids), but when you’re using say… 1500mg primo over 200mg deca due to safety concerns this notion of “safer” is thrown out the window

I watch anabolic doc too and saw his videos. So I’m just on TRT/Cruise, no blasts for life but sometikes thinking about to add something long term, but I agree with your point. And what about Proviron, does it worth?

I’m not qualified to answer whether proviron is worth it. It’s inactivated within skeletal muscle to inactive diol metabolites by the 3b HSD enzyme, thus it isn’t particularly anabolic within skeletal muscle. The oral bioavailability is low and in higher dosages (150mg/day in literature) it fucks up you’re lipid profile (as most AAS do).

If you’re lean, it’ll give you a “hardening” effect. I’ve never used proviron though… It appears to have similar effects to mast within the libido department. Even this is individual, some even lose libido on mast/proviron.

For me, masteron at just about any dose made me hornier than I’d ever been in my life.

I could imagine how it is! Any aesthetic effecta with this low Masteron usage or just libido improvement?

I recently opened a thread about this, and I even saw a Bill Roberts article about the use of 100mg Testosterone + 100mg Drostanolone per week for long term. Do you think it is suitable or dangerous?

I can’t answer that. Its highly dependent upon individualistic risk factors, lifestyle… furthermore we don’t have enough clinical data pertaining to the use of masteron in men (for long durations of time)

Yes, there were aesthetic benefits. Made me look harder, grainier (even at around 15-16%BF). Tried it at 200mg once (for like six weeks) with 100mg test, made me look “flat”, yet hard and grainy… difficult to adequately describe.

Its real when combined with testosterone, its not real when used without testosterone. Deca dick wasnt even known about before people started using testosterone with it.

What? There are plenty of guys who don’t feel well on deca only cycles. There is no basis in fact to stipulate it’s just due to a ratio/combination of drugs

Within animal models in particular, neurological manifestations are induced by Nandrolone itself.

Some people can take Nandrolone, others can’t… It’s as simple as that.