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What's The Point?


I?ve been doing a lot of research lately and I have come to the conclusion that the more I read, the less I know (ohhh, the irony). So I will just throw the question out there. Now that substances like MAG-10, 1-AD, 4-AD and others are banned, is there really a point to using them as compared to a WELL PLANNED AND PREPARED for cycle of AAS? Are the risk/benefit ratios that much in favor of one to the other?


No. Stick with aas.


I have to agree. Right before these substances where banned, there was some really potent stuff being sold. MAG-10 was unbelievable (and yes, I use steroids and can compare results). But now, there is nothing out there for a guy who wants to stay "legal", or doesn't have steroid connections.
The supplement crap out there now will, in most cases, suppress your hpta just like steroids and proper pct will be needed, but will not yeild the same results. So, I see no benefit in using legal supplements over steroids. And, the real deal is much cheaper.


Hhhmmm. I dunno man. I just ran 2 weeks of SD/PP (supedrol and pheraplex) at 10 mgs superdrol and 20 mgs Pheraplex ed. I gained around 12 lbs and tightened up a bit. Probably what I would have gained of of 2 weeks of dbol, same shitty back pumps, good strength gains. As for the price, I've got decent hook ups and unless I bought powder I'd be kinda lying if I said it was way cheaper to use AAS.

Then when you take the Johhny law thing into account? It's a hard call. BUT, I'm also running test alongside the pp/sd and will continue to for another few weeks (8 weeker) along with some var.

IMO some PH's are as good as AAS. However, there's alot more that pretty much suck.


4-AD basically had no side effects and Mag10 was much safer than many AAS that produced just as good results. Or so I was led to believe. If this is at all true than there obviously still point in using them -- higher gains/sides ratio.


Good gains with test, superdrol, and pheraplex. Hmmmmm, I am thinking here. Not too long ago I used superdrol with some old methyl-1-test that I had. I really didn't expect anything out of it, but I made some gains. (well, come to think of it, I was also using Alpha Male and a SHBG binding product). Didn't track the gains, though. But a lot of guys in the gym were coming up to me and saying "damn, you are getting big ... you on drugs?" And I was really shocked. I laughed and told them no, but I need to be!

Anyway. I wonder if there is anything going on with the androgen receptor binding of test and the progesterone binding of superdrol that creates a better anabolic environment than just androgen binding alone. Kind of like the deca/test cycles of old, that no one really uses anymore. I have always stayed away from progestinic compounds, but I have been thinking lately.

You know whe the ladies get crazy before the "menstrual flow", or bleeding occurs ... you know, PMS. It is not estrogen levels that do that, it is the progesterone levels that are peaked higher than estrogen that causes this. What does that have to do with anything ... I don't know. But, I wonder if there is a benefit in using the PgR for anabolic purposes?


Some "legal" roids like PP get rare reviews, but they seem to shut your body down even quicker than other AAS.

I know that when I tried Superdrol I gained mass and strenght, but felt like total shit. I had high blood pressure, and never had that before. I felt like a walking heart attack. After NINE days!! Not a 8 week cycle.

The benefit I see to using PP now, is that it's legal, you know what you're getting is not counterfeit, and IMO it's cheaper.

I still have some Mag10 left, so I'll be using that for sure :slight_smile:

What about very short 10 day cycles with 20 days off?? Could Mag10, PP and the other stuff help? Or would I just piss it away?

4-5 super short cycles where you overcompensate (deliberetaly overtrain for short periods of time) could make for a good 10-12 pounds of muscle you KEEP.

It feels safer that 8 week cycles to me. But does it work, that is the question. And will the body shut down anyway even on such short cycles that it doest matter anyway.

I know it wont add 30 pounds of beef, but I'm interested at getting and STAYING bigger.

Anyone has tried the very short cycle approach?


SwD, since I noticed you live in Quebec, I was wondering if you ordered Alpha Male and M for PCT with your MAG-10 cycles? I also have some MAG-10 Destroyer but don't have any Alpha Male or M for the moment and with the high shipping cost here...i'm trying to find a cheaper alternative. Any tips bro?



I order Biotest stuff at sndcanada.com.

Hope that helps!!


I don't know about the short cycles, but when you referred to an 8 week cycle of SD, did you mean 4 weeks of SD and then 4 weeks of PCT?

8 weeks of SD and your liver will rise up and stage a revolution.