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What's the point of steroids?

T-people, I have a question for you all. I am currently trying to lean out. I am about 10 fat lbs too much to get where I want to get. From there I will be trying Massive eating, Growth Surge, Limping Series, basically bulking programs. Along with this I will be using MAG-10, Tribex, Androsol, etc. I am a newbie here to T-mag, so I have been reading past articles and posts, especially on steroids. I just finished reading “Steroid for Dummies” and was intrigued by the end of the article. It stated that Steriods come with risk depending on how much you wish to gain. Less risk is avaliable if you only wish to gain lbs in the teens. My question is, why even put yourself at that risk if pro-hormones and pro-hormones can do that for you? I am all for personal use since we are all adults, just had that question for you all. Thanks.

Yes I’d love to get this one answered. I’ve asked it before and never got a response…

I think that some guys do it b/c they think they are doing something “hardcore.” I could be way off on that, but I agree with you guys as to why use steroids. Legalities and health problems can be pretty serious. Granted that the health problems are not that great when you use sane amounts of the drugs but the good prohormones have no sides. Really makes you wonder.

If fast size is what you are after that no prohormone is going to beat the gains you can get from quality roids - it’s that simple.
Personally, I’ve used Finasol because it’s grey area legal, but trying to locate and purchase anything else is too risky for me.
Who know’s, maybe Mag-10 will seriously reduce the need for roids.

Well, I’ve never done a cycle, but I think it has to do with the fact that until very recently, prohormones didn’t do squat for muscle gains. And even when androsol came out, you weren’t looking at the same kind of gains possible from a “real” cycle. Now, of course, if Mag-10 is everything it’s supposed to be, all this may change. Guess we’ll find out pretty soon. Peace.

Well, I don’t know if you realize this but there are countries(NOT JUST MEXICO!!) where you can walk in a drugstore and ask politely for: Primo, Deca, Test, you name it and you will get the REAL thing. These “substances” also happen to be fairly economical…say 2 bucks for 1 amp of Primo… Now, given the fact that they are legal, the high cost of certain supplements…I will not name any…and a desire for results that I would say characterizes the vast majority (or is it all?) of us, can you see WHY SOME PEOPLE USE ROIDS?
Yes these substances are not the safest things and I do not agree with their use 100%, but when a short cycle of D-bol and deca costs less than a month’s supply of creatine, I think you have a pretty solid reason right there.

first I must say I am NOT bashing pro-hormones,again I AM NOT BASHING PRO-HORMONES. the best thing about them is they ARE legal. but let me ask you, if they do what they are said to do then WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE??? don’t feel all good about yourself and call yourself “natural” because, as said, If they do what they say they do, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE (besides being legal)?

Good point dunhill. Personally I dont have a problem with the legality of steroids. I’m just lacking in knowledge of them and have a feeling that it would be easy for me to mess up my health because I dont know how to properly use them. Prohormones seem to have less or a health risk and be idiot proof because of the instructions attached with them. But I have a question for you, or anyone else. What really is being natural? Taking in soo much extra protein (200-300gram a day) isnt natural. If we didnt read that it would help us attain our goals I could guarantee 80% of us who do take so much wouldnt have woken up one moring and just decided it was good for us. Not to mention if taking prohormones brings up your internal environment up to a level of someone who has those same levels without taking anything, is that really wrong? Anyways… I’m really not criticizing you :slight_smile: I’m just taking for the sake of taking :stuck_out_tongue: Either way, I definitely know what you mean :slight_smile: lol

There are BIG differences, especially with the “Biotest” products. 1)The side effect profile has been proven to be MUCH more favorable than AS’s. 2) The degree to which they supress natural hormone production has been proven to be less and 3) Internal Quality Controls by reputable companies are far greater than what you may buy from “Moose” in the gym or in Tiajuana. You are MUCH safer with “Mag-10” than with some bottle labeled “Androsol” that you get off the street. (Maybe Bill and others can add some more).

by asking whats the difference, I can tell you’re a newbie. Have you ever known a person that lifted weights, then you didn’t see him for a while, and when you see him again hes huge? he wouldn’t say he got that way because of prohormones and protein. Steroids are very strong drugs. They work!