What's the point of repeated effort in WSB?

The Westside method utilises conjugated periodisation, for developing Strength, Speed and Size. The maximal effort is for strength. The dynamic effort is for speed.

BUT what is the repeated effort for? To build mass but generally only for assistance movements (to avoid overtraining the CNS?). What purpose does this hypertrophied muscle serve with regard to helping the lifter to achieving their ultimate goal of lifting more weight?

Everything else held constant, a greater cross sectional area will equate to a stronger muscle.

the repetition method is huge…you have to have muscle mass in certain areas to be a great powerlifter…you use the rep method to build a huge back and rear delts for the bar to sit on when you squat this will provide for better leverages…you also must build huge lats and upper back so you can have a pillow to sit on in the bench and shorten the stroke and the upper back to stay tight and not flaten out when you bench…you also must have huge obliques and abs to sit into and bounce off of when you squat…haveing huge glutes will help by giving you leverage out of the bottom also…plus having huge spinal erectors and and rear delts help you stay upright in the squat…so buliding muscle mass is very very important to the powerlifter…the diffirence between it and bodybuilding is its not preety mass its usefull mass…if you dont have enough muscle mass for max attemts youll get fucked trust me…big martin

Great reply big martin. Simple, to the point, and full of good info. Brought a tear to my eye… Enough of that sh1t, gym time!

It all makes sense!!


Is this generally the same concept that CT talks about in his Pendulum Training article when in regards to a Powerlifting Pendulum he says,

“Why should powerlifters use structural training at all? To unload the nervous system and allow for continuous improvement. Also, structural training helps prevent tendon injuries and increases muscle mass.”

BEdZ, not completely. Westside uses the repeated, dynamic, and max effort methods every week, and 2 of the 3 every workout. So the purpose isn’t really for taking it easy on the CNS.

I aware of Westside principals just curious if repeat effort is WSB version of a limited hypertrophy program in order to increase muscle size because large muscles have the potential to be stronger than smaller muscles.

I suppose if your super heavy then it’s OK, but what about guys in the lower weight classes who want to stay in their class?

while there is definately other mechanics to gaining strength than just gaining size (obviously, look at bb’rs). size still helps. every meet i go to the winners are usually the biggest guys there for their weight class.

Control diet = stay in weight class.

Repetition method not solely for hypertrophy.

First, it seems like a lot of guys want to stay in their weight class for whatever reason. There exist optimum weights for people of various height in powerlifting, well, the data I’ve seen is for olylifters, so maybe even bump optimum weight even more. The bottom line is that a 6’3" 198lb’er ain’t gonna cut it.

But, if you don’t want to gain weight isn’t strength endurance a good element of strength to obtain? Rep. days give you a chance to rest from ME 1-3RM work and develop other qualities at the same time. Don’t wanna get bigger? Don’t eat. It’s that easy…macronutrient ratios be damned.