What's the Point of Injecting Every Day?

I’ve been going back and forth between injecting everyday vs injecting 2x week.

Pros of everyday according others:
-less test to e2 conversion requiring less aromotaze inhibitors dose(s)

-more stable test blood levels preventing highs/lows

-more testosterone since less of it is converting to estrogen(I’ve only seen this once on YouTube video which is why I made this post)

My question is…do AI’s help keep test levels elevated as it stops conversation to e2? If so what’s the use of injecting everyday for the sole use to keeping highest test levels as possible if one doesn’t care about supplementing with AI doses.

Basically I want to only do 2x week injection and still keep test levels highest like everyday injection …is it possible with the AI’s still?

I’m still going to attempt everyday this week and next week to see how stable test levels feels vs highs/lows

If one doesn’t care about using AI when unnecessary, then you could get high levels on 1-2X a week shots.

One should avoid AIs if possible, along with most medicines that are prescribed in the form of “take this Rx for the sides from this other Rx”, if it is possible to adjust the original Rx so that the undesirable sides go away.

Another downside is AIs seem to be hard to control. Many crash their e2. AIs also have some pretty nasty impacts on heart and bone heath.

I used to think AIs were pretty tame drugs, but then I googled reviews of anastrozal (adex), and that was eye opening. Most of the reviews were from women with breast cancer (taking higher doses), but the reviews were not good. Many said it was the worst med they have ever been on (and this is after going through Chemo).

Edit: you win the best thread title award!

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The answer to your question is not enough to matter. AI’s take away benefits of TRT because drugs always have side effects.

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There is so much discussion on this forum about AI and estrogens benefits. You should read up and educate yourself.

Estrogen creates so many of the benefits you want from trt free t and DHT the other half or so.

Stop watching these videos that do not provide evidence on their claims. Allot of Trt on the Internet is based on bro science. Guys who were taking a shot load of T. This practice carried over to therapy and they are totally different.

The body creates its own balance. All you need to do is inject and let it do the rest.

Choose one daily or eod or weekly and stick with it.

Daily is better for most. When we inject there is T available for immediate use. The body can only process so much T at once. So give it less and experience less symptoms and your body will respond better (most of the time).

Go find the lifting dermatologist YouTube channel . Visit jay Chanel’s got revolution and watch the old round table videos. He’s a bit crazy, but his trt info is legit.

This is not always the case, the body can work against you (cancer). If the body always created a perfect balance men wouldn’t need TRT. We see men with hormone profiles upside down favoring estrogen dominance and therefore his body is out of balance. A recent member has his TT 253 ng/dL, FT bottom of the range and estrogen abnormally high at almost double to reference ranges.

The only thing to restore this balance is daily injections or daily T-cream.

The majority of men have a body that can do a good job naturally. Rarely do we come across this scenario.

This is the first time I am hearing it. I’m curious if this is ng or pg measurement.

This is my opinion, which is really all you get from anyone on here, so keep in mind that these are opinions (some more educated than others). Daily injections will limit E2 conversion, to an extent, and maintain a slightly higher Free T number. This provides a better ratio. The absolute numbers probably do not really matter, at least not for 99.9% of us. Your ratio makes a big difference in a lot of things. It’s not really the higher total T which is significant here, and it is only going to be very marginally different anyway.

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IMO some guys enjoy playing doctor on themselves and have convinced themselves daily injections of a drug with a 7-8 day half life works better than fewer injection per week. More power to them.
In time they will get sick of stabing themselves everyday and thinking about TRT everyday instead of getting on with life. Then they will start reducing the number of injections. I’m down to Mon and Thurs after >6 years on TRT my shgb is 25. Its all a cycle that some just have to go thru. If you think it is working for you do it.


Someone needs a snickers bar


There is a lot of to consider here, especially with T CYP and 1/2 life vs injection frequency. I have personally tried every delivery method in my 4 years on TRT. Creams, pellets, injections at intervals of weekly, twice weekly, eod, and daily. I settled back to twice week and feel really good there. On daily injections I just felt “flat”. Emotionally, libido, get up and go just not as strong as E3.5D. My body just responds better to the peak and trough of E3.5D vs the steady state of daily…that’s me, may not be what works for you. My E2 or HCT did not improve at a rate on daily vs twice week to justify sticking everyday. 120mg T CYP a week lands my free T in trough between 27-30ng/dL. 850-880 Total T, 28-32 SHBG, 4.3-4.5 albumin averages on last few labs. E2 was between 40-45 on last few draws. I am done experimenting!


Me to.

Same here.
In fact there is a theory going around that a higher trough from ED gives your more E2 than a higher peak. I don’t remember if the person presenting this said a higher trough would make your blood thicker. I would think it would.

It sounds like you are slowly getting your protocol tuned up nicely. TRT is not a magic pill it is just something that helps get one back to a healthy place.

@systemlord More and more progressive physicians come to conclusion that the so-called estrogen dominance is in 90 percent of the cases being fat, having a bad diet or drinking alcohol. I guess there is a very few percentage of people with genetic predisposition, but this is the most case.
When I weighed 112kg and eating pizza and djuner kebap I was estrogen dominant, now I weigh 95kg and I’m not and I still have more body fat to cut.

I eat shit, drink out of plastic, etc, amen my E2 is low as hell. It doesn’t matter what I eat or drink or how healthy or fat I am, my E2 always remains in the low end

Did you go through a bit of an adjustment phase when you swapped injection frequency?

Yes, everytime I changed protocol I wait 8 weeks before I test blood work to ensure my body had adjusted to new protocol. With daily injections I ran that protocol for 6 months and evaluated with 3 rounds of lab work. I didn’t feel terrible on the daily protocol, I just felt better on the E3.5D, so I went back to that protocol and plan to remain on this going forward. This is the best I have felt in 4 years. Just got to find the protocol that works best for you. We all don’t respond the same to TRT and trying to lump everyone into a protocol because it works for one just doesn’t pan out for everyone.

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Cool, thanks. I’ve just started and the doctor said once a week but I’ll try the twice a week protocol and see how that goes for a few months.

I felt better on 3x a week personally. 2x a week was OK except the last day or so I felt pretty tired, etc. so that’s why I went to Mon/Wed/Fri. injections

I know most people on here push daily, etc. but for whatever reason that didn’t work as well for me. Perhaps the small doses weren’t enough to overcome my super high SHBG

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