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What's the Point of Deadlifts and Back Squats on the Same Day?

What’s up coach! I’ve been on your Physique Transformation for 3 weeks and I’m absolutely loving it, however I’m having problems with my lower back and really felling worn out from doing Deadlifts and back Squat on the same day. I thought of changing them to front Squat and Romanian Deadlifts however I wanted to follow your program to a T because I believe you know your stuff for putting these exercises there. So I wanted to know what’s the point of doing deadlifts and back squat on the same day as those lifts do overlap most muscles, and would it be ok to swap them for front squats and romanian deadlifts?

thank you.

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They might be using the same muscles but really not the same way. Because they are not the same pattern (squat and hinge).

This program looks interesting. I wonder if it could used to build muscle with the main focus? (Even though I know it’s not the main goal)


It’s actually the most fun program I ever tried. It has everything: strength, hypertrophy, conditioning, and explosiveness. It has ideal parameters of volume, frequency, and intensity for building muscle and strength, you simply need to up the calories or/and you can lower the conditioning work. It makes a great program for any goal Imo.

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I do both in the same day, sometimes even 2x or more a week (usually variations of each)

In the past I never liked it because I couldnt go hard on deadlifts after squatting, but now that I’m more competitive in powerlifting, I see view this as “sport specific” training.

I just adjust the weight accordingly - I do lighter deadlifts after heavy squats, or light squats after heavy deadlifts.

Currently, I do a Tempo work day where I do Tempo Squat, SSB, then Tempo deadlift. This is the only day I do both (currently)

It requires some time adapting. A pro football I train was constantly sore for the first 4 weeks and his performance suffered… but now he is adapted and the weights are flying up. Olympic lifters clean, snatch, pull and squat daily. They adapt.

This is the type of training I use with athletes (of course not with the same methods as your program) and after the initial adaptation phase they all kick ass.


Well that looks really interesting. But yeah like Coach said, you’ll adapt. Younger, when I did not in the same situation, it was because my technique wasn’t on point with these exercises and when the weight got heavier I used too much lower back. This or my core sucked