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What's The Point of Cycles?

What’s the point of a cycle? If I’m only doing 500mg test a week then why couldn’t I just stay on that instead of a 15 week cycle then pct?

Theoretically, you could stay on as much as you want until it kills you but most prefer to cycle and then either PCT or cruise to give their health markers time to return to baseline…


Oh wow, okay you deff put it into perspective for me. Didn’t know it could that kinda damage even as low as 500.

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500mg isn’t a low dose. 250-400mg/wk you’re looking at “low dose” in terms of PED context. 500mg is fairly standard “cycle” territory.

I think people use too much nowadays. 4-500mg/wk for 10 wks used to be the standard “cookie cutter” beginner cycle, now people advocate for 750-1000mg + right off the bat, it’s absurd.


I guess low is a matter of perspective, but 500mg is a lot to cruise on

For a regular dude, 500mg is a LOT to cruise on. For high level strength athletes, it’s not. Not saying it’s wise, just it is what it is. 200mg appears to be a reasonable high cruise for guys that aren’t trying to take years off the end to live bigger now.

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My take on this exactly.

Okay so I don’t just cruise on it. I do hit the gym regularly. But not exactly trying to get huge. So is that okay?

Cruising means you are still hitting the gym and trying to make gains. You can do a lot on 200mg/wk if the training is right and diet isn’t retarded. It is healthier than 500 mg, as most so have negatives over time at that level.

Okay so i think I’ll do that then. I was just told on another thread on here before when I was considering starting with 300 a week that 500 would bring about the same risks so why not maximize my dose. So I started with 250 twice a week. So instead of 200 I may just do 250 once a week since one mil is 250 and is easy to measure.

What would 250 once a week put my testosterone at?

Duration matters. A cycle at 500mg is the same - more or less - as a cycle at 300mg. If you are going to use, there is no point in just taking enough to maintain natural levels or barely above natural levels. That is risk without reward. So guys do a cycle, end the cycle and PCT, and try to keep some of what they gained on the cycle. Blast and Cruise is never coming off, just dropping back to around normal-high levels with periods of Cycle level drugs. Like 12 weeks at 500mg once or twice a year but 200mg the rest of the time. No PCT, keep the gains from the Blast (More or less). This has it’s own risks. You could cause permanent damage to your system. You might never have normal natural production again. Or you might be fine.
To run a cycle at 200-300mg is pointless. Your gains versus natural are almost non-existent and will evaporate at the end of the cycle, all while risking permanent HPTA damage. 200mg a week is TRT. Do you need TRT? If not, then it’s silly to do that to yourself. What are the goals?


What hardartery says.

Honestly if you’re actually asking this question, you shouldn’t be involved in the things you are. It shows you have zero insight into PEDs as it is.


My goals are to just stay in the normal high testosterone range. I know naturally my levels were low but just didn’t want to pay what it would cost at a doctors office to get the shots. Cheaper this way. So I guess TRT is basically my main goal.

If TRT is the goal, most guys end up around 150mg a week. Most lifters/former competitors are at 200mg a week. You will likely notice very little difference between those two dosages outside of lab numbers. 200mg a week puts most guys somewhere between slightly above range to double range - which is not as high as it sounds. A Blast or Cycle would put you at MANY times the range and carry risks. Pick a dose, do it for 8 weeks without changing anything, run labs at trough (Shot day before the shot), adjust as necessary. Let that settle in for a year or so before you consider Blasting, and don’t be in a rush to do anything except your baseline cruise. Assuming you actually need this. What are your numbers, out of curiosity?

So when I get labs done is that just really checking on test and E levels? And do most use their primary doctor or just go to urgent care to get them right then? And how often?

You will want Test levels, E2 is nice but less informative than you might expect, hematocrit and ferritin levels are usually a good idea to get periodically. Free Test is good to know as well.

If you are doing this long term (TRT, Cruising, Blasting and Cruising), you should get more than Test and E2. As hardartery said het hematocrit (that will tell you if your blood is likely too thick). I think getting liver and kidney labs is worth while. I would also get a lipid panel. You can generally buy your labs online and bring in a print out to get them pulled at a testing center. Generally you can get a “bodybuilder” package and that will include more for less money generally than buying individual labs.

This one is pretty good IMO for $255.

At a minimum I would go for this at $152

Lastly, get yourself a BP monitor. That is a great heart health indicator and does not cost much money.

I put my labs in a spreadsheet, with notes on what I was taking at the time of the test. I can see and plot out relationships between dose and whatever I measure in the bloodwork.

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How often would you recommend I get it done? I’m only wanting to do my own TRT primarily. Not really trying to body build. If I get something out of it then great. Currently I think I’m just going to do 250 a week. I do have a E2 blocker if I ever need it and clomid just in case. Also have 10,000iu of HGC. All that is to have on hand to be safe. Haven’t mixed the HCG yet.