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What's the Point in Getting Huge?


so yeah this is my first post, I've been lurking here for a few years now, never really cared to make an account till now since I don't give two shits about the supplements on this site and am only here for free info and shit. But yeah, whats the point in getting huge??

not big, cuz i know everyone wants to put on size eventually, but whats the point in being 250+ lbs?? nobody respects that, you just come off looking insecure, girls find that disgusting, and its obvious your just trying to overcompensate for a lack of personality, which judging from the posts here, everyone seems to lack.

Haha to top all that, you morons honestly believe that people are jealous of your achievements (that do nothing for humanity) of attaining the highest possible bodyweight, even going so far as to use roids and cheat your way to get there, which is pretty sad. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no one could give two shits about how big you are; whereas judging by posts here, you people seem fascinated by the little guy whos doing well in other areas of his life and actually has a social life and could care less about being big.

Also, If you think getting that big means you can push others around, haha think again, I know 160 lb muay thai fighters who can beat the shit out of of guys twice there size, hell a professional cruiserweight boxer can hospitalize pretty much any pro bodybuilder.

With that being said, this post isn't directed at the pro bodybuilders that are dumb as doorknobs (cept for coleman), but work hard to achieve a livelihood, nor is it directed at the guys who know when to say enough is enough. But it is directed at the guys with their flawed sense of direction aiming to become huge as if their lives depend on it.


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Umm... no offense, but maybe you should go back to lurking.


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lol not gonna happen. Watch all the losers come in to defend their drug infested activity, not sport.


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Hey, no man, he's right you know.

I quit.

OP, thank you - you have saved me from a life of insecurity and obsession and jealousy and getting my ass kicked by muay thai fighters and boxers, the bodybuilders' mortal enemies.


Good post.

You changed my mind, thanks.

I really can't imagine how terrible my life would be five or ten years from now had I not read that enlightening post.

And I know what you mean. I like peanut butter and banana sandwhiches too. They're like really super good!!


even from my limited posting it seems liek the biggest guys on these forums have the biggest personalities as well.

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I can't speak for everyone out there, but for myself getting "huge" is not about how other people see me. I like working out and seeing changes in my body. I like setting goals for myself and accomplishing them.

I care very little about how other people see me. They may admire me, or they may think I'm a dumb musclehead, but oh well. I don't think of myself as 'better' than skinnier people. I was skinny once, and that's ok. Not everyone has the same goals so I don't expect people to be jealous of my body.

As for 160lb MMA fighters kicking my ass... yeah, they probably can. But most people arent trained in Muay Thai. I'm not the type to push people around, but being strong certainly helps in certain situations. If I get in a fight with a skinny guy who isn't trained in martial arts, I'll probably toss him around like a rag doll.

Then again... I'm hardly "huge". What do I know?


read your posts in the "roomate trashed my room" thread. How does it feel being a sackless bag of shit who backed down from another guy because of the sole fact that he outweighs him by 120 lbs , even going as far as to apologize for "taking the joke" literally. Just more evidence that bodybuilding does nothing for you as person. As a wise man would say, " a sheep in lions clothing is still a sheep". Figure that one out.


By the way it sounds like to me that you are the one that is jealous of big people/bodybuilders as for you cannot get big.

or either your Mom hit you last night and your mad about that...


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I was going to make a counter argument for every point you had on there. But why? Everything you used was either a generalization, misinformation, or traumatic personal experience being retaliated against on the internet.

Take your drama queen circus show else where.


my post wasn't directed towards you. I'm building muscle too, but to an extent, I just want to know why people want to become 250+ lbs of solid muscle, what is the underlying reason?? is a person life so mediocre and unfulfilling that they have to dedicate their life to becoming as big as possible rather then doing other activities that wouldn't restrict your movements if your not so musclebound.