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What's the opinion on DC style B&C?

Found some old posts by Dante in another forum

It goes something like

Blast for 8 weeks
cruise for 2 or 3 at low-moderate (250-400mg/week test) doses with high clomid and adex

apparently he believes that the high clomid and adex are enough to keep your own shit working despite still being on?

i’m considering b&c because in the past i always had a terrible time coming off. it’s the only time i got bad sides, had a hard time maintaining anything even with agressive PCT, etc

I remember debating this a while back with someone…I have never seen a dose of clomid/nolva that will overcome the effects of 250-400 mg/week of test, resulting in pituitary LH/FSH secretion. I do not have labwork to back this up obviously, but I just do not think it is possible. The doses you would have to use would leave a grown man crying like a baby…

But that is not to say it doesn’t have some benefit in aiding recovery. What that mechanism would be, I do not have the slightest clue and strongly doubt it exists. But I suppose it is possible.

Yeah, I’m not really sold on the idea either

Though, that brings another question; is the use of hcg (at least if you don’t care about ball size) and SERMs really justified on this type of protocol? The validity of serms increasing in lh/fsh secretion while exogenous test is still being used aside, is it really necessary with drugs such as tript out now?

That’s what I’m mainly on the fence about.

I’ll be taking all other cares otherwise. adex or letro (i’ve heard adex is preferable but i still have alot of letro around), propecia at 2.5mg for hair, skin and prostate health, doxy to keep me clear, maybe some low dose ghrp for the joints and i’ve also heard reports of it helping the skin, and regular bloodwork

And as a bottom note, thanks for your input VTBalla, I greatly appreciate your thoughts on the subjects of HRT and Blasting & Cruising

I think Triptorelin is an awesome product, in theory, but anything that you can do to help it out would be beneficial. For that reason, I would never recommend foregoing HCG on cycle. It will make the Trip’s job easier at the end if you do not have to restore the T part of the HPTA equation.

I think it has potential to render SERM’s obsolete, for PCT purposes anyway (could still be used for gyno flare-ups) as far as AAS usage is concerned.