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What's the Next Step?


Hey guys, I'll keep it quick. 220lb. former college fball player, diet is good, keep the carbs low, looking to gain more size and continue to get lean, like I'm sure everyone is.

I'm currently using Metabolic Drive 2x/day, Surge Recovery PWO, and Flameout with meals.

What would you guys rank as the 4th and 5th things I should take in addition to these first 3?

I understand this is a rookie-league question. Thanks for your responses in advance.


The more important question is, what is your food intake like right now? Post a food-log of a typical day.


The most important thing to concentrate on is what you eat, supplements are just that, supplements.

The last poster is right, you need to track what you're eating, plan what you're eating and work to that plan before starting to make changes. The first step in achieving any goal is taking proper stock of your current position.

So my advice is if you're looking to gain size then watching carbs isn't so important. It depends from person to person, but for simplicity sake if you're kinda new to following a plan I'd suggest setting a protein goal of say 300g/d and then working out your calories and getting the remainder from a good amount of good fat and some good carbs. Then go from there.

concentrate on what you're eating before what you're drinking or taking in pill form ...


Good advice guys, I appreciate it. I've never been one to count macros, but a typical log for me is such:


10:30am snack:
Metabolic Drive and water

Spinach salad with grilled chicken, mushrooms, onions, peppers, Balsamic

4:00pm snack:
cottage cheese w/ pineapple

Dinner: Steak/Chicken, brocolli, carrots

A very rough outline of what my day is .. I feel like I keep it pretty tight, but I understand how important the diet is.

Any other input from you guys would be great. In addition to this, I drink a couple sips of a Gatorade Nutrition shake as soon as I wake up as I am usually starving in the mornings.

Are you guys eating anything the moment you wake up?


I'll get back to the rest of your posts later, but no, I let myself wake up and generally don't eat food until 2 hours after I wake-up. Having delayed breakfasts is a good strategy if you are trying to gain some more muscle while staying lean.


Disregard my last post, didn't read all of what you posted. Will edit later.


At 220 and trying to gain size, this is no where near enough food to do that.


Don't know if this even equals 2,000 cals. To gain you may need to double that. I'm around 190 and need 3,700 or so to gain. Protein needs to be higher imo. Also, way more carbs before, during, and after. Hope this helps.