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what's the nastiest protein shake?

What is the nastiest protein shake you’ve ever had or witnessed?

Mine would have to be what this guy down the hall from me at school did last semester. 1 can of tuna, 1 diet coke, put it in the blender, shazam, instant stank juice.

Metaform Heat (Orange), it is more an energy MRP, but it taste and smells like vomit. The peson in the office next to me came over to see who was sick, thats how bad it smelled!

Egg whites and orange juice. Absolutely undrinkable. Makes home-made Surge seem like Grow.

Hydrolyzed 520 from protein factory with 1 TBS. of fish oil mixed in. I always need a chaser like peanut butter for this combo.

Two come to mind, and they’re actual powders:
Optimum Pro Complex,
Ast VP1 (an isolate)
Stay the hell away!!!

Twinlab’s Opti-Fuel 2…ah, the memories. Instant gag response. Somehow, I managed to choke down 2 of those shakes before I couldn’t take it anymore and threw away the rest.

Mine isn’t as bad as some of yours, but waxin’ going old school here: 2 scps strawberry Designer Protien in water, with 1 tbsp of Udo’s Choice oil mixed in. I thought I had the perfect reciepe for a fat fast meal plan. Wrong!

Biochem Low-Carb Smoothie. Tastes like chunky tea made from standing swamp water strained through Odor Eaters that have been stored under chicken coops for a few years.

arghhhhh…thanks for reminding me…Metaform Heat (orange)…the horror…the horror!!!..and the other one by Champion…Max Muscle?? vanilla flavor…MASTY stuff

You mean that stuff was vanilla??? I used it for wallpaper paste. The paste tasted better.

Yeah, my brother let me try some of that once. I couldn’t understand why he had this kind of insane look on his face when I asked to. When I spit it out in the sink (some hit the window) I knew. Yecch.

SportPharma Actisyn. Absolutely wretched.

chocolate pro complex aint too bad. actisyn omg thats terrible… ive heard the tuna shake thing on elite