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What's The Name Of This Song?


Looking for the name of the song that starts at 7:40 in this video. I've even tried emailing the production company with no luck. Help me out!!!!!!!


Glad you watched the documentary?


[quote]WestCoast7 wrote:
Glad you watched the documentary?[/quote]

Yea man, was excellent! Thanks for sharing it!!!


Sorry to hijack this thread but does someone know either of the songs in this video?

What documentary is that anyways?


[quote]trav123456 wrote:
What documentary is that anyways?[/quote]


[quote]Rhino Jockey wrote:

[quote]trav123456 wrote:
What documentary is that anyways?[/quote]


God damn Jasmincar






Rhino, Eric Holland is credited as doing the original music for the film. He would probably know. This is his web page.


And his email: eric@angrymoose.com

Also, one of my friends has an app on his iphone that picks up audio and tell you what the song is. If anyone has that, it might be able to find what it is.


I tried the app for android called shazam or something like that and it didn’t work for either song. It was the first time I tried it and it got some songs for other youtube vids but not those.

I didn’t want to reply in case somebody saw a reply and got their hopes up the mystery was solved.


[quote]trav123456 wrote:
I just stared at this for 5 minutes pissing myself with laughter!