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What's the Most Effective and Efficient Way to Build Muscle?


Hey coach. What’s the most effective and efficient way to build a lot of muscle? I want the most effective program to build a lot of muscle. I don’t care how hard the program might be. Thanks in advance coach!


There is no such thing as the most efficient way. Sorry, but this is the truth. It really depends on the person. I don’t want to get into that topic in a forum, it would be about 5 pages long and while it might help you understand what makes muscle grow, it will not give you the easy answer you seek


Thank you a lot for the reply coach!


Asked Paul Carter too, huh?
Why not ask Wendler while you’re at it??


I will answer for u.

Layers style training. A big lift that you go heavy and high amounts of “dense” work at 80%+RM. Then some assistance to shore up weaknesses.
Focus on 1-2 big lifts per workout.

Fastest way to get muscle period

EDIT: Reason? You do the same movement over and over on a big lift and it causes the most NOTICEABLE big muscles to morph. Your strength goes up rapidly (CNS/skill). Followed by visual changes quickly thereafter.

Try the layers i bet you will notice drastic GAINS within 2 weeks.

OPtion 2 (if you like more variety and lighter work).
Take a nice steroid stack (steroids, tren, etc.)
Then do whatever the fuck you want including 80 cross over variations and bro splits lol!!


Hmmm, no?


Sigil posts about the layers being the greatest…again. Seriously, is there a single training question in this forum you wont answer with layers? CT says there is no single best, but luckily for Us, Sigil arrives to save the day with layers…again. :smiley:

Sarcasm aside, Layers work. As well as any program CT wrote. And because they gave you the best result of your life it may not be the answer to everyone. I myself grew more from the “failure style training” than from layers.

Also, tren is a steroid. Variety is no enemy. And if it fits your psych. Profile and gave 100% effort to it, “bro training” can work. Pun intended.


Layers cures cancers bro !


Yup, And makes the manparts grow too :smiley: dem gains :smiley: and also makes me stop hijacking this topic now :slight_smile:


What; you mean, layers is better than rings? :wink:


Why choose steak or lobster when you can go surf & turf?
10 min of ring work activate, feel the rush
Then layers for concentrated muscle building


What’ts the most effective is training really hard.


Please don’t start with rings or I will delete your posts


To be fair to @Sigil layers are fuckin dope lol


Even lord humongous, who is huge, agrees.

HOnestly though…plazma + layers = weekly improvement in gains. Steroidal.