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What's the most CONVENIENT way to get eggs into your diet?

What’s up guys?

Right now I have a system where I boil a dozen eggs on Monday morning and then put them in the fridge, and consume them during the course of the week.

I’m looking at a quicker way to get them in my diet, maybe somehow mix them in a oatmeal smoothie. I was thinking maybe to pan fry them all at the beginning of the week, then freeze them, then throw them into a smoothie just like you would frozen fruit.

Shelling them just takes too damn long. I’d throw them in raw like Rocky but I’ve read that can lead to food poisioning.

What ideas do you guys have?

I “sneak” them into my ground beef when I grill patties. It’s not the optimal way to get them in, but it keeps the meat juicy as it sits in tupperware waiting to be re-heated.

This is omething that I have been trying to do. What have done, is soft poach the eggs. Bring a pot of water to a boil, then reduce it to a low simmer (there should be little or no bubbles coming to the surface). Add a TB of vinegar (this will help set the egg white). Crack your eggthen drop it in. Once the egg white is fully set (but the egg yolk runny) fish it out with a slotted spoon, then into ice water to stop the cooking. you can then store them in water with a little lemon juice (this helps kill the sulfur smell). These will blend nicely into protein shakes (know chalky yolk), and you won’t have to peel them.It May be a little more work, but the end product is better for shakes.

Try hard boiling them. I hard boil up about a dozen at a time, let them cool, then shell them all and put them in a bowl in the fridge. You can pop a few anytime you need a snack, or put them im a tupetrware and take them to work.

Baste a chicken breast in mixed liquid egg, then sprinkle with cajun seasoning and grill. Unsurpassed chicken excellence!

I don’t recommend putting fully boiled eggs in the blender with shakes. I did it ONCE. I can stomach almost anything, an egg shake almost made me immediately puke my guts. Put a tablespoon of salt in the water when you hard boil them, it makes them easier to peel.


Thanks everybody I have never heard of some of those ideas before and they are AWESOME.

Hey ko how long do your egg whites last in the fridge?

Thanks a million everybody, brilliant ideas!!!