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What's the Main Gap?

Having had program ADD for some time, I really have to go back to basics. So I figured, what would be better than olympic lifts (clean and press and snatches), power lifts (deadlift, squat, bench press) and basic bodyweight exercises (dips, chins, pull-ups).

Since I don’t have time to train more than two or three times a week, the idea is to divide the exercises into two full body workouts:
A: Clean and Press, Squat, Pull-ups, Bench Press
B: Snatch, Deadlift, Dips, Chins
(I normally finish with some kind of ab stuff, like weighted sit-ups or ab rollouts.)

My questions is: What’s the main gap of this, rather minimalistic, program? I was thinking about the lack of a horizontal pull movement, but on the other hand the oly lifts would take care of the upper back muscles.

What say ye?

swap out the chins for rows on one of the days and you’re all set

[quote]Yogi wrote:
swap out the chins for rows on one of the days and you’re all set[/quote]


I don’t even think you need to change anything personally.

Pretty similar to Marvin Eder’s favorite 4-day split, two on, one off:

Day 1: overhead press, dips, squats, snatches, abs

Day 2: Bench, chins, deadlifts, calf raises.

Day 3: off

Thank you all for the input!

I think I’ll stick with both chins and pull-ups, since I have to work on my lats and get the rep numbers up. In a month or two I can switch to rows.

I’m currently supersetting the exercises like this:
Workout A: Clean and Press+Chin-ups, Squat+Bench Press
Workout B: Snatch+Pull-ups, Deadlift+Dips
It seems to work fine, saving time and being lower back friendly. Could there be any significant drawbacks in the long run?

Right now I’m doing 5x5 on all exercises, except Olys where I do 5x3, but I think I’ll switch to the following:
Mondays: 5x5 (Oly 5x3)
Wednesdays: 4x8 (Oly 4x5)
Fridays: 7x3 (7x2)
Weights will move up slower of course, but the program will hopefully last longer. Or does anyone have other experiences from Daily Undulating Periodization?