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Whats the latest on Scapular Winging?



I was wondering if there was any new information out there on Scapular Winging and what can be done about it, non-invasively. All the forum information/t-mag articles seem to be based around DA's Boomin Biceps article, but I'm wondering if there has been any more discussed about it.

I have what looks like unilateral scapular winging on my left side - when I bend over to do rows, you can clearly see my left scapula pops up almost a half-inch higher than the right. Maybe it is just an imbalance, but I'm pretty sure it isn't 'right.'

Would ART be beneficial in treating it?
I came 'this close' to getting ART on monday but the place I was looking at was closed - Thanks to Steve Coppola though for recommending it. Guess now that I'm back in Indiana I'll have to look into someone else - Mike Hartle is basically on the other end of the state, but if anyone knows about the folks in Indianapolis definitely give me a PM.



Dammit Adam, I was hoping you'd get in for some ART around here. Maybe next time you're home. Glad I could help a bit anyhow.


I'm sure ART is the best solution, but in the meantime you might want to take a look at Don Alessi's Booming Biceps 2 which outlines a routine for scapular winging.


A Biggg bump for the forumly knowing.


Steve - yeah, I had my hopes up too. Theres an ART practitioner in Indianapolis with Level 3 qualifications, so I'm hoping that they might provide a lot of advice/insight.

SDP - I've looked at that article about 10 times now - I guess I can try it, but oh how it would pain me to give up my other back-intensive exercises for it. My poor poor deadlifts. Also, it seems to be based on an analysis of bi-lateral scapular winging, whereas I have a clear physical imbalance. Maybe I'll try to break it into unilateral exercises (1 armed push press..) and report back in august. My little brother still gets men's health, and Alessi wrote an article for them discussing ways to strengthen the serratus - they seem interesting.



You might try some specific exercises that work on the scapular retractors and depressors (see rhomboids, mid and lower fibers of the traps). If you want some exercises, I have some pics I can send you along with instructions. I find a lot of scapular winging is because of weakness in these muscles, along with some other things. Again, PM if you want more info.

Stay strong
Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS
Director, Athletic Performance Center