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What's the Girliest Music You Lift to?


For me I've been known to lift to Bjork, Kate Havnevik, and Portishead. Sometimes this type of music allows me to focus and lift with importance/meaning instead of angry rage. Let the gay bashing begin.


hilary duff, lady gaga, miley cirus... I have a girlfriend and she laughs at me, do I get the win in this thread?


sorry, there is no "win" in this thread.


You have a girlfriend, so we really can't judge you. But once you're single, we're gonna kick the shit out of you.




I've got a bunch of 80's music in my iPod that I listen to when I get tired of NIN or RATM or the Wu-Tang Clan.

INXS, The Pretenders, The Cure, Fine Young Cannibals, Robert Palmer, Joan Jett, The Divinyls, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Tears For Fears, Simple Minds, Prince.......oh fuck. This list is pretty fucking gay. Did I mention I also listen to Metallica, Slayer, RATM, NIN, Raekwon, Nas, Andre Nikatina, The Dead Kennedys and Machinehead?


I dont usually listen to music when i lift, i feel it keeps me more focused, but im an avid cycler and i like to listen to chris isaak a lot which people make fun of me for. I guess its not really girly, but still, its all love songs


That one made me laugh my ass off


art you gave me some new gay shit to listen to, I'm stoked. Slayer has always been a favorite of mine. When I hear Bloodline I want to punch the person closest to me in the mouth with a 70lb DB. Hence my necessity for the gay jams. Prince is pushin it for me, thats on my bad man mr. nasty time playlist to make girls feel comfortable or to make them wonder why a gay man is fucking them in the ass. Depends.


I'm waiting for someone to admit to Nickelback. With that I think they win this thread.


Jesus we can only hope no one does. However as Nu Metal as they are, Crossfade has some solid riffs. I'm kidding.


HA HA HA HA, but seriously. Size 14 boots all across your rib cage.


Dude Portishead is the shit. I wouldn't mind lifting to this song at all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEQNAZGoZrw

"Wandering stars, for whom it is reserved, the blackness of darkness forever."


Wolbarret getting HELLA PISST! Love it.


Wandering Star is hard, end of story.


Katy Perry 'cause you know sometimes your hot and your cold, your yes and your no. Know what I'm saying?


Kanye West.


Yep I know what you mean BC. The only negative effect I've found with using genres such as these is that it seems to allow me to fall in love with any decent woman in the damned gym. Right?


My gym has been on a Taylor Swift trip lately, so i have adopted "you belong with me" as my offical squat song. [price you pay for not bringing your own music :(]


Usually whip it comes on a few times during back day...i don't bring my ipod to the gym anymore not worth it.