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Whats the final word on Caffeine ?

I am just wondering, after the Caffeine roundtable and all, what is the final word on caffeiene before a workout ?


I think the only way to know is to try it. I tried caffeine before my workouts but I didn’t notice a difference (200mg). I don’t drink caffeine at all, so it wasn’t like I was used to it. Funny thing though, if I drink it at night I can’t sleep.

The final word per the well-written roundtable was that there are divergent opinions as to the benefit (undeniable for certain athletic uses), but John believes that it may excerbate insulin resistance, where i don’t and I did not think Lonnie believed that either.

My opinion is that if you’re using stimulants during a workout designed to cause microtrauma, you will likely overtrain. You’ll do more damage than you can heal efficiently.

During a non-traumatising workout, I have found that caffeine increases my workload. I haven’t yet figured out if it causes long-term improvement.

Anyone ever thought about just using old school ephedrine instead pre workout? Just the “E” from the EC stack. There are alleged benefits of nutrient partitioning, a thermogenic effect, etc, other similar effects of caffeine without having to worry about the matter of affecting glucose uptake.

Anyone ever thought of that?