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Whats the Feel Good Ingredients in HOT-ROX Extreme?


I just started taking HOT-ROX again, after being off of them for about 6 months.I fergot how damn good they make you feel. I'm not just talking about the amped feeling, but the euforic and happy as fuck feeling. Other fatburners dont seem to have that.
Is it the A7-E, the Carbolin 19, the yohimbine, the rasberry ketones,or the caffine? And what is the super-thermogenic gel (Lauroyl macrogol-32 glycerides) ?


The secret ingredient that Tim and the boys at Biotest put in all of their supplements is LOVE :smiley:
(just like Mom's home made cookies -lol)



Methylated LOVE, it's more bioavailable.

But OP, I think it may be the yohimbine; via acting as an MAO inhibitor (thereby increasing dopamine).


Do you really find that it makes you happier? My experience with it has been it makes me get muched more stessed (I find myself a complete "type A" personality) and it's increased my sex drive.


Yea, it does make me super happy. Jittery as all hell, for the first couple weeks, but that starts to subside, but deff a sense of well being-take on the world feeling.
Silver-Thanks. I didnt know that about yohimbine. I was taking wellbutrin a year ago just to get thru some gloomy long winter blues. Its a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. I would say HOT-ROX has alot of the same effect on me. I think you're prob right. Thanks!


Whenever I take HOT-ROX, it just seems to increase whatever mood Im already in. Most of the time, it makes me happier. But if I happen to get angry, it'll definitely make me more angry.


And we wouldn't like you when you're angry -lol



Hahaha I was thinking that as I was typing.


Yea EGY. I know that feeling too! The first thing in the morning at work, just as the HOT-ROX is kicking in, I have to get all my days schedule with the office manager. (I'm a Heating and cooling Tech.) and I want to rip her face off sometimes. Yap yap yap. Just shut up and let me get to work! LOL