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What's the Equivalent Dose in mg/week with TestoGel Sachets?

I am currently on TestoGel 5g sachets 1 a day, each sachet contains 50mg of the active ingredient testosterone in 5g of gel. I appreciate that there isn’t an exact conversion to mg/week as absorption rates differ. I am currently doing everything I can to maximise absorption (shower before applying to shoulders, moisturising 1 hour after application) so we can assume that my absorption rate is nearer the higher end that is possible. Intuitively it will be 350mg*(absorption rate), but I have no idea what the normal absorption rate would be.

If you could make an educated guess how many mg/week do you think I am actually on?

Thanks for your time

It is assumed that good absorption will be ~10%, so 5mg. Young virile males are thought to produce ~10mg/day. My expectation is that your TT and FT lab results could be less than you need. Transdermals also have the highest fT–>E2 potential. Sweating will reduce absorption.

You did not respond to your first post 20 y/o About to Start TRT (Self-Managed)

Further discussion of your case should be in your other post to avoid fracturing you case.

If you had posted your requested oral body temperatures we could be discussing if your absorption might be impeded by low thyroid function as we often see.

Apply some gel to inner forearms and upper arms as the thin skin there absorbs better. Instructions do not say that because those are hug contact surfaces that can transfer to wife or kids. So be guided by that too.