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Whats the difference...

Can anyone lead me to some info on the micronutrients? I am trying to find out the differences between simple and complex carbs. Should i worry about splitting them? How do they work on your body, so i might manipulate them and one day take over the world…or use them at certain times to help progress.

Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. You probably mean macronutrients as they are protein, carbs, and fat.

Simple carbs are sugars. Complex carbs are starches such as potatoes or beans, tomatoes, etc. In effect, complex sugars. Simple carbs cause rapid insulin releases and falls. The bagel and coke routine seen in each morning in too many offices. When the blood sugar is gone you crash. Complex carbs cause slow insulin rises and falls. This is what you want most of the time.

Before and after a workout you want the simple sugars with protein, such as what Surge provides.

Instaed of thinking of carbs in the terms simple and complex, try to think of them in the terms of where they fall on something called the glycemic index. High Glycemic index carbs (simple) are metabolized much more quickly, and they include such things as fruits and processed sugars. Low Glycemic index carbs (complex) are metabolized much more slowly, and have somewhat of a timed-release effect. They include starches and cellulose. So generally speaking, your going to want to stick with carbs low on the glycemic index as often as possible. I find when dieting, I can maintain maximum performance in the weight room simply by eating low glycemic carbs, because of they’re slow release. This also enables me to keep my carb intake low, because I don’t get that ‘spike’ in blood glucose levels.

bit of info- all complex carbs are NOT low GI and all simple carbs are NOT high. Fructose is one of the lowest GI carbs. its a simple sugar. potatoes are high GI carbs. its a complex carb. just an FYI.