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What's the Difference? Biotest!

Well let my start off by saying, for the last three years I have been unable to train.  Due to the fact that I have severe motility issues which affects absorbtion, and assimilation.

Despite these setbacks I couldn’t take it anymore and began to train regularly since the end of july.

Of couse I had to check my ego at the door and not compare any of my previous gains and past physique stats.

Well the first month was hard! I decided just to focus on getting strength back because I had no muscle to show dieted anyway.

When I started out I could barely squat 150 for 8 reps, deadlift 185 for 6, and incline db 50 for 8.

I started to get some strength back slowly but surely without any supplements. Just PWO drink.

I built my deadlift back up to 315 for 5, dbs 85 for 8 etc.

BUT: this last month has been the best. I oredered some supplements and really changed nothing else. Im taking 2 TRIBEX, 2 REZ-V, 2 Methoxy-7, and 1 HRX, in the am on an empty stomach. Plus Surge PWO, and Metabolic Drive throughout the day.

TOday I decided to max out on deadlift. and finished with 425 no belt no straps. Probably could of got over 450 with a belt and chalk! Yesterday I behind the neck pressed 165 for 8 reps ( 5 sets).

It feels good to have some strength back! I know 425 deadlift is nothing great, my previous best was 535 for 3 reps. Considering what Im dealing with digestion wise these results are great!

Whats been the catalyst, Biotest!

[quote]Shortest Straw wrote:
Whats been the catalyst, Biotest![/quote]

Probably just the fact you’re back in the gym.

Good job making it back either way.