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What's the Difference Between Singlet and Squat/DL Suit?



I’m new to powerlifting, and I have a question. I’ve been researching videos about raw and equipped competitions. In raw competitions, the atlestas use a kind of overalls, which I’ve been researching are singlets. But in competitions equipped, athletes wear something similar, squats suit / deadlift suit. What is the singlet used in raw competitions? Is it used in competitions equipped beyond the suit? Does the singlet have any resemblance to the squat suit / deadlift suit? And I can use a same suit for squats and deadlifts? What are the equipment used in the competitions equipped and raw? I intend to compete in the equipped, and this is just a doubt that I have


The singlet is like a wrestling singlet. It’s a one piece spandex like outfit that offers zero support for the trainee. A squat/deadlift suit is very stiff material and offers support.

Some folks squat and deadlift in the same suit. Others use a squat suit or a deadlif tsuit.

If you intent to compete equipped, get with a team that can teach you how to compete equipped.


So what do the competitors use in the competitions equipped is not a singlet, but a suit? Singlets and suit are very similar, so I confuse them. And as for the team, I’m already part of one, we train every Saturday


A raw competitor has to wear a singlet. An equipped competitor can choose to wear a suit.

Why not ask your team these questions? They can give you the best answer.