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What's the Difference Between Knee Sleeves and Wraps?

Im going to start using support for my knees now that I’m getting closer to a 405, squat. The difference between sleeves and wraps are a bit confusing for me. I’m assuming wraps are more for “elite” numbers and offer more reenforced support and bounce out of the hole whereas sleeves just compress your knee joints keeping it warm and blood filled?

Sleeves: comfort, no help adding weight except maybe a tiny bit if they are super, super tight

Wraps: discomfort to significant pain, let you move a bunch of extra weight


Never used either but wraps you have control of the tightness, sleeves are just whatever they are.

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I prefer sleeves to wraps. Been using wraps about 2months and can’t get used to them at all. But I’ve also gotta rework my squat form after my comp. For what your doing you should go knee sleeves.

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They have two completely different functions. Like @MarkKO said:

Sleeves are for comfort and joint warmth. I may get a few lbs out of them if I’m wearing my SBD sleeves. Sleeves are designed to be worn for an extended period of time like an entire training session.

Wraps are solely for adding weight to your lifts by providing rebound out of the hole. There is nothing comfortable about them. You leave them on for as short a period of time as possible. Eg; you wrap just before the lift and unwrap immediately after as you leave the platform. Most often your feet are screaming in agony in just that sort period of time.

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