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Whats the deal with...


So my son just started college at Akron U this week. Me being a twenty year military man and never attending a college have no idea on how to save on costs. The big questions I have for those of you currently matriculating, where can I get the best deals on books? Is EBAY cool or have you found the University book store to be comparable to outside prices? The more money I can save on his books the more I can spend on GROW :slight_smile:


Two words: USED BOOKS!

You can find them in various bookstores around campus. Call or look around to find the best price.


You can save money buying used books on Ebay, Amazon.com, or walmart.com.

Also, your son may be entitled to financial aid based on need, academics, geographic location, ethnic background, etc. You can go to Akron's financial aid dept and they will provide you the info for school-based aid such as scholarships, work-study, grants. If you go to www.fafsa.gov, you can fill out an app for federal financial aid. I know Ohio offers the Ohio Instructional Grant (OIG) and the Pell Grant, and you don't have to pay these back. The Perkins and Stafford loans are federal I think, and the PLUS loan is for additional aid based on parental credit.


Thanks Guys good info, the FASFA is already done, waiting Akron to send us the totals.