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What's the Deal With the Rage-X?


I've now used 2 different brand new Rage X bench shirts. My buddy has used 2 also. All were single ply shirts. We get them on, let them warm up with some body heat, wet the seams, shoulders, and chest down with water, but every time on the first lift the shirts get runs right inbetween the shoulders and middle of the chest. Ive used the shirts in training and competitions with the runs and never had a blow out but they continue to run.

Has anyone else had this problem of the Rage X running on the very first lift? And not even going to the chest, Im talking about hitting a 3 board and getting these runs. Its a great shirt otherwise, but the constant running is frustrating. Anyone deadling with the same thing, and what have you done to fix it besides switching shirt types?


I'm not sure what you mean gets runs between the shoulders and middle of the chest? Do you mean its riding up or something?


I mean that it rips and freys. Not at the seams, but the actual shirt material rips and freys.


No i have definately never heard of that with a RageX, both of my training partners use a RageX, and i know of another guy who uses a RageX and have had no problems like that at all.

I was under the impression the a RageX was like the toughest material you could get in a bench shirt. All their shirts are double plys, but they also have a single ply that they train in from time to time, but no problems there either. Thats really weird.


I would probably stop wetting down the shirt down. If you have problems getting it on or touching, i would probably get a bigger shirt.


I've used a double ply open back, it was a little big, but that never happened. one of my training partners uses a double ply closed and thats never happened. Is it too tight?


I got a single ply RageX for free basically- the only catch was it was maybe 2 sizes too small. I never got weight to touch in- the shirt was just too small. It didn't run, but man- it crackled like I had a box of rice crispies on my chest. My other poly- a Metal Viking- crackled a little the first time I took it full range, but nothing like RageX. No runs though in the Rage though.


Thanks guys, apparently it may just be my problem. I dont think the shirt is too small because I used a size up actually last time I used one. I was a 181 at the time and used a 198 shirt so Im not sure thats the problem. I guess im going to have to go with the double ply from now on and try that. My shirt did crack and pop a ton, much more that the EHPHD which was the shirt I used before. Hopefully I can make it through training and competition without a blowout.


The RageX singles have a bit of a reputation for blowouts, but I have had no trouble with mine. The conventional wisdom is to go to either a larger size (perhaps a custom?) or to a double. The doubles seem to hold up to darn near anything.

If you are in a league that allows it (non IPF) and want to stay single-ply, try a crazy-neck and pull it down a little extra...Take the strain on the heavy-collar and not the chest-panel.

What is your chest measurement? Sizing by bodyweight is notoriously inaccurate...


Could it possibly be because you wet it? I have a single RageX and it has never ran. My training partner blew one after it was washed. It is definitely a sick shirt. I have a single ply that is correctly sized, and it takes about 125 lb over my raw max to touch. I credit my shot out elbows from using that shirt.


Thats a hell of a single ply shirt man, at my last meet i probably go close to 100lbs out of my single ply fury, but i could touch 50 lbs under my raw max.


No, wetting it really helps to loosen it up a little bit and keep it pliable. I dont wash it or anything, just wet down the chest with a squirt bottle. Yes, I found out I have to go by chest measurement and not bodyweight when I couldnt fit into the first shirt I ordered. Im gonna have to buy the double ply next time. I just hope I make until then with this single ply.


You may want to go a size up in the double-ply. It has a lot more stopping-power and you may have more trouble touching.


I would also probably go a size bigger than your actual measurements. My training partner has one and alot of times won't touch a single weight in training for a meet. He always touches at a meet, so i mean thats fine for him. I just dont think i could go into a meet knowing i haven't touched any weight yet.


this may seem a little too obvious, but make sure that the boards you are using aren't knicking the shirt.

other than that... you got me.

i have used both the rage and the rageX and never come close to what you are talking about.

also, did i misread it or did you say that you were wetting down a poly shirt?


This is totally incorrect. Wetting has nothing to do with it. The poly material is impermeable, that is, the fibers will not absorb water at all. Some people wet every shirt they ever had, so it just becomes habit. Getting a bigger shirt, assuming he was sized correctly on the one he has, kinda defeats the purpose of using a shirt. I will agreee that the single RageX has a strong tendency to blow or fray. I have yet to have a blown one, but all my singles have frayed patches or small rips between the shoulder seam and collar. I only use doubles now. The doubles hold up under tremendous pressure and I have yet to have problems with them.


Finally, someone else with the same problem. That is exactly where my freys and tears are, between the shoulder and the collar. It doesnt seem to cause the shirt to not work. I still get good kick off the chest. I was just hoping that it didnt get any worse.

Is this the first step on the road to a blowout however? Or is this not going to really have any negative effects?


Yep I had a single ply Rage-X and the first workout with it I got a run in about the same spot as you desribed. I had it patched up and it ran in another spot same shoulder and all. I got another one and had no problems with it.


I have seen Tiny Meeker compete a few times and he has had a few blowouts. The shoulder just explodes. But he had 900+ on the bar too.


Most of my bench team uses RageX doubles. We have all had problems with the singles. The frayed area is very likely to blow sometime in the future. Even gaining a few pounds or having the shirt seated slightly different can put just enough stress on the area to blow it out. My buddy just had one explode on an opener of 440.