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What's the Deal with Testosterone Base?

As the title suggested, I got my hands on some of this.

What the fuck?!

Its white and creamy firstly, secondly it seems to not want to push through ANY needle. Ive gone as big as 21g. Ive heated it up also.

Am I missing something here?


Never tried it. What are you using to put it into solution, Oil?

It’s already mixed. Im unsure if it’s water based but it certainly doesn’t look oil based. I presume it’s the same as test no ester but its literally called testosterone base.

Ive heard good things about it preworkout but i cant for the life of me push it through the plunger.


If it’s creamy, it probably is. And as far as I know, it’s a suspension. They probably had to add a lot of peptizer and maybe some emulsifiers to prevent clogging.

Which obviously didn’t work, so any suggestions?


Yes it is almost certainly suspended in water like winstrol. Winstrol also looks white.
If you are unable to push it through a 21 guage then I say that is a red flag. Even though it is harder to do, raw test is reasonably able to be dissolved into oil and held. Winstrol can be but you need some organic solvents the big pharma either won’t or can’t use. So if the source went and put the test into water or water/PEG solution that means they most likely had issues with trying to dissolve it into oil. If they had issues that could be form a number of things but usually when winstrol is difficult to work with it is because of lower quality manufacturing practices.
If it can’t be pushed through a 21 guage that means there are still particles that size…please don’t try to inject that, you will be crippled for weeks possibly. Just imagine a sand size particle inside your muscle just slowly working back and forth cutting the tissue. Now imagine 100mgs worth of particles…

You can try heating that thing to raw testosterones melting point of 155 celsius but that will end up boiling the water and then the water has to escape before the actual hormone itself can get to 155. So you physically can not do it as it is right now. If you knew it was in PEG it would be different. You could get the vial to the temp of 95-99 degrees celsius and maybe that will loosen up some of the granules but again that doesn’t get them so small they won’t cut you from the inside after injection.

If you knew someone who was a home brewer then doing something like adding benzyl benzoate or guiaicol could be explored.

Interesting. Thank you for the in depth response. Unfortunately i do not know any homebrewers and cannot get into heating the stuff up myself.

When the needle and syringe is not in muscle, the liquid shoots out perfectly fine with slight pressure on the plunger, but when inserted, it will not budge, at all.


Oh I didn’t realize you only had the issue when trying to inject. I assume you have tried new and different locations?

I have run into a similar issue in my glutes but that is when I am on a cycle where I am taking multiple shots of multiple compounds per week and the glutes just gets “pissy” as I like to say. It’s like it gets hard headed only it’s hard and just like swollen hard but not swollen just the hard part.

I would suggest under the skin but I myself decided to try that this week with some test that is giving me knots and I got a knot under the skin but in fairness I am still wondering if I didn’t actually just barely stay in the fat layer or just get into the muscle under it. It hurt injecting and I just did my usual 'get it over with because you have another one to take."

Have you tried using a different length needle to inject at a slightly deeper or shallower level? Really if the muscle is hard from taking injections then no depth will be easy but it is an idea. What about a different location all together? I use my shoulders and if I watch it then I have the three different pieces of each shoulder that can take one cc per week without any noticable issue. Traps hurt no matter what but they do work. Upper outer chest has worked for me as well. Again keep in mind your workout schedule but I have seen your name before so I assume you have at least explored these options if not regularly use them.

How many times have you tried to inject the test and run into the "stuck* plunger issue?

This last one is going to sound dumb but are you standing up as you are injecting into your glute?

I have tried glutes and quads. I was also thinking subq but unsure because of pain and lumps.

Ive gone through 4 ampules now, and they’ve all had the same issue, not being able to push into muscle.

I inject as normal, standing with weight shifted on opposing leg.


Can anyone whos used Suspension chime in?

I got a new batch from a different company and still the same problem. Cant push it through the needle while inside a muscle, but can push through when not in muscle?


Ok I have used TNE but mine was oil based not water suspended. Do you have this or similar issues with water suspended winstrol?

Basically of it is milky colored then it is water based. I think just about any raw hormone can possibly come as water Suspended. Those esters are actually what makes them easy to melt into oil.

I’ll add in that I have never used water suspended hormones except HCG. Now with HCG I never tried to go into a muscle except on accident and that was the abdominals. It didn’t want to go easy. I have always just put my HCG under the skin and that seems to work fine. Maybe someone with some water suspended winstrol experience will chime in about just going under the skin or subq vs intramuscular.


Iv used both base and suspension. Besides the fact I find no value in these compounds maybe because I was expecting something like teen base or injectable adrol. Both the base and suspension I used was able to go thru a 27 guage slin.