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What's the Deal with Mail Order?


Whats the deal with mail order test andhgh..should I even bother?


Whats the deal with Ovaltine? They should call it Roundtine!


what's the deal with calling them APARTments when they're so close together....


never mind all that, how do they get the figs in the figrolls ?


Whats the deal with chickens???? Did the chicken or the egg come first?

Valor try it and find out. That is the only way your going to know. Either that or source someone close by.


Speaking from a purely geneological standpoint, a species first makes its evolutionary "debut" in the earliest stages of its life when its DNA is fully formed. Therefor, the egg does indeed come first.


This made me chuckle.



What's the deal with midgets being midgets?