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Whats the Deal with Eggs?

This may be by far over everyone’s heads, but I figure I’d try. Eggs come from chickens. But what are they? Are they chicken shit? They come out of the chicken’s ass right? So aren’t eggs essentially chicken shit? And also, wouldn’t eating chicken be somewhat similar to eating eggs? There is a correlation, yet they taste different.


Are you high?

I hope the humour is not unintentional.

An egg is a reproductive cell from which a new organism develops. This will occur only if the egg has been united with a male sperm cell (fertilized). A chick will hatch from a fertile egg if the egg is incubated at 100.5 degrees F for 21 days. You can tell if an egg is fertile by candling and identifying a mass or small spot in the egg. The egg will appear incandescent, and the mass will be dark.

Get it.

do you have a learning disorder?

Some people say a cucumber is just a better pickle.
-Dave Chapelle

Scrambled shit…Deviled shit…Shits benadict…WTF!

Who cares. Just eat 'em.

you cannot be serious

Yes, yes…“and what’s the deal with airline food?”

technically, eggs come from a chicken’s cloaca

[quote]UtahIron wrote:
Scrambled shit…Deviled shit…Shits benadict…WTF![/quote]

What about balut eggs, you’ll be eating shit and chicken (or duck) at the same time!

In the words of GB, “Time to smooch a glock.”

What was that movie about the hotel?

“Where do your eggs come from?”
“A hen’s vagina”

so their ass is their vagina?

what the fuck

i like turtles.

well, you come from an egg…and did not emerge from out of an ass, i hope.

[quote]sdjohn67 wrote:
well, you come from an egg…and did not emerge from out of an ass, i hope.[/quote]

To be this stupid he probably did emerge from an ass.