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What's the Deal With Colostrum?


Ive been reading alot about colostrum lately. It seems to have been promoted very highly for awhile and then just ceased to be mentioned. Atleast on the net.

A few studies on untrained males, and the rest just marketing hype, alot of it from the beuty industry. T-Nation archives seem to have a few "maybes, depends on the quality, jury's still out" type comments.

Whats the deal? is it any good? any new info?


According to the research colostrum has been shown to significantly increase lean body mass as well as improve vertical leap performance and 5 and 10 meter sprint performance when compared to the placebo (whey protein). The only problem is that the studies used anywhere from 20-60 grams of colostrum. I have yet to see any colostrum supplement that offers that amount. If you find one please let me know.


i was looking into this too... certain places sell it in bulk as a powder (pm me if u want to know where, but for the studied doses, it's still quite explensive. It seems that it works, but is prohibitavely expensive at the required doses.


i was recommended by a doctor here in oz, 10g for immune boost, 30g for elite athletes


Just find yourself a pregnant woman.


At those doses you'd need two...


I know this is an old thread but I just had a GNC guy try to sell me on this stuff. He said that only 5 grams a day will yield a 20% increase in both test and GH levels.

It sounds to good to be true and I usually don't believe anything that I hear within a mile of GNC. So I was wondering, did I miss some new study or is this guy full of shit again.


very much