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What's the Deal with Cold Cuts?


it seems like they're too good to be true
they last a while, and they seem to be a really easy way to get your protein in
should i avoid all cold cuts, there has to be a catch with this


Lawl. Yeah, cold cuts are pretty cool. They get expensive in large quantities though, and some producers make them too processed :(.

Still, they're good stuff. Cold cuts + cherry tomatoes + rocket + balsamic vinegar + pine nuts = winnn


They tend to be very processed, with lots of chemicals added for flavor and whatnot, and low in protein relative to a similar amount of lean meat. If you can't get protein from any other source, do what you have to, but in general, there are better ways to get your protein. Also, if you're eating enough protein, you won't have to worry about your meat lasting a long time.


Okay every now and then but not healthy.


WTF is 'rocket'?



really not much wrong with them sure some are better then others and I would try not to live off of them but they are great for on the run, packing a lunch etc.


rockett is a type of Lettuce


Since no grocery store in the US labels it's lettuce as 'rocket' just look for 'arugula'. It's the same thing.