What's The Deal With Bowflex?

I’m just curious if the “Power Rods” actually provide a different form of resistance, as they claim in the infomercial. Seems feasible to me, as the greatest resistance should be provided at the end of the movement, when the rods are maximally flexed - not unlike rubber bands. I can’t afford one, and wouldn’t work out on a universal gym if I could, but I wanted to know if they were full of crap or not.

Also, apparently I’ve been working out all wrong. The secret is 20 minutes, 3 times a week.

my buddy and i got an on going joke about how no one can workout with us until they master the bowflex (bench all the weight)…that is, until they are no longer pussies.

the bowflex is a piece of shit. powerrod is shitty when it’s low weight and machinized.

I don’t know, but on a bowflex I can bench over 400 pounds… while that is ego boosting, I just know it is wrong.

And as the tension increases the bows do get harder to push, but then what happens when you switch to real weights? you will have less power off the chest.

just my thoughts though


I dont know about the bowflex but have any of you seen the commercial for it where that lady claims to be 50 but she looks like 20? Damn.