What's the Current Biotest Intra-Workout Nutrition Advice?

Longtime user of Biotest products here. Generally speaking, I’ve been taking your supplement advice as gold for almost two decades and have reaped the benefits. Here are four questions which I think have had changing answers over the years, as well as a description of my current supplementation plan. I’ve been using Plazma/Mag-10 for a long time and was not planning to mess with something that works. That said, no idea how to use Surge Workout Fuel?

I’d like an authoritative ‘as of September 2023, Biotest recommends’ answer if possible.

What supplements should be used on non-workout days?
What supplements should be used during athletic events that are not explicitly ‘workouts’ (like, for example, a sports game, a gymnastic performance, or a weightlifting competition)?
What supplements should be used around a HIIT workout?
What supplements should be used around a weight training session of around 45min?

My answers:
-Daily: Elitepro minerals, I-Well, P-Well, Flameout, Superfood most days, workout or not, in conjunction with a good diet. Indigo-3G before carby meals.
-Performance, not a clue. Indigo-3G before, Surge Workout Fuel during if you need hydration, Fini bar if not?
-HIIT, not a clue. See above for ‘performance’?
-Regular workout: Indigo-3G 30min before, 1 serving Plazma 20min before, 1 serving Plazma during, Mag-10 after.
Add Micro-PA once a week before the heaviest workout.