What's the Correlation Between SHBG (Low, Normal, High) and Testosterone Dosage?

Lets assume if someone SHBG is low or low normal range. Will this SHBG factor has to do anything with T dosage selection. More free T would be good to have??? I am Really naive in this area please guide.

The bulk of TT is non-bioavailable SHBG+T.

When SHBG is low, TT=900 would have a lot more bio-available T in your body than TT=900 with high SHBG. So when SHBG is extreme, Bio-T would be a good dosing guide and TT should be partly disregarded. We often infer SHBG status by comparing TT and FT.

With low SHBG a given dose of T is more effective than with larger amounts of SHBG.

SHBG cam be low with diabetes. So we like to see glucose and A1C if there is any hint of things like too much fat.

SHBG is made in the liver to scavenge sex hormones and liver problems [drugs] can increase SHBG.

Thank you ! It helped.