What's the Closest OTC for AI?

Is there something close to anastrozole for estrogen blocker. My order comes in tomorrow or Friday from doctor increasing frequency to one more after my.labs showed above range. I’m like 10 days past due and had these labs late though. I ran out of anastrozole. I want to get rid of symptoms fast because it feels terrible. Thank you.

People always talk about DIM or Calcium D-Glucarate but I never found much effectiveness with them.

So should I just wait till tomorrow or Friday to get my anastrozole instead of picking up this GNC dim product for $50 lol

If you’re looking for my opinion it would be to drop the poison called anastrazole. Its riddled with side effects and there is no science saying E2 shouldnt increase with a testosterone increase.


That is what I would do. Also don’t double your dose to try and catch up you might regret that. Take 1 and wait 24hours minimum. My AI dose .125 mg and I can usually feel some improvement in 4 hours.

DIM totally crashed my e2 for the 5 weeks I was taking it. I was taking 4 dim pills a day as the bottle suggested. You can buy exemastane from some supplement shops. I bought exemastane from a supplement shop one time. I didnt know what it was. The guy told me it would raise my natural testosterone levels. Crashed me as well. I’d just wait till you got your order in or lower your t dose so you dont need one or let your e2 run a little high. Not the end of the world

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We’re both from Houston!

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I live in Pearland Tx


Do you go to low T center in Houston?

Nah. That’s not me boss

No I see an Endo in Pearland

Ok :slight_smile:

I have a virtual clinic . They ship my product. That center in Houston makes you go there to take a shot right?

Mine is virtual too, Defy Medical. Its kind of expensive for me.I’m wondering if it would cost way less to go to a low T center locally and also prescribe Ibutamoren which I’m going to start Monday.

I haven’t been to an Endo because they say on here that they don’t optimize but only keep you in low-middle range. Is that true?

Most endos don’t know how to dose T and are either scared or knuckle heads… don’t be surprised if they don’t test e2 or say take this every 2 weeks or say your levels are normal… you might find that gem but it’s rare.

Defy is cheap. 150$ a month is a tiny amount of $$$ for a better quality of life. I pay more than that and to me it’s pricelss… Im only several weeks in so haven’t really experienced being optimized. However when I am, I’ll be way more focused on my business and probably generate tons more income simply because of TRT.

Defy $150/month? More like $364 I just calculated for first time btw and thought it was way less.

Ibutumoren 1 month=$150
Anastrozole 1 month=$55
Test cyp 1 month=$53
3 month lab =$315/3 if hypothetically calculating 1 month

I just found out there is 2 low T centers that take insurance and they optimize.They might possibly take mine. However they have to inject AT clinic EVERY 7-10 DAYS. Is it worth it?

I’m not gonna lie to you bud. I went to a general practitioner. He was absolutely clueless. He was more than willing to give me a prescription for testosterone. I didnt trust him so I went and saw a urologist. He seemed even more clueless and proceeded to botch my vasectomy causing permanent damage to my testicles. I dropped him and found my endo. She is the least clueless of the three and will pretty much agree to whatever I ask for. My insurance is terrible so I pay for my own labs and email them to her office every 6 months. I see her again on February 22nd so I’ll be pulling labs in two more weeks for that. It’s up to you on the low t centers. I know for me I dont have time to fool with them doing my injections and all the bloodwork.

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What’s your protocol for example? At this particular time in my life cost is a thing if not I have no complaints on DEFY. It’s just not rationale if someone makes less than $35K-$40K/year with those costs I showed you above lol. Idk how people on here justify it. When I get a software developer position(hopefully by June) I’m definitely going back to DEFY.

So yeah after this upcoming 3 month order is finished from DEFY I’m going to get new lab at this low T center if insurance accepts if not sticking to defy.

Sometimes I wonder why they like prescribing an AI “just in case you need it”