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What's the Catch to This Transformation?


Little off topic.

Does anybody know the true story of this transformation:

BFL - Jamie & Megan Brunner Transform Part 1

Thank you.


What do you mean by "catch"?

He lost weight. Big deal.

The truly bothersome thing is how everyone on the youtube comments thinks you can't make progress like that without a steroid cycle.

He wasn't devoid of muscle mass in the first place and was probably regaining muscle he lost previously.


You can tell he worked out before, looks like me currently a little in his before. Developed somewhat, with a good layer of fat above it.


Newbies can't see muscle under any body fat at all. Unless the person is ripped, they assume they have no muscle.

The guy was more muscular than most of the pics I've seen on this site in his before pic. All he had to do was lose the fat and regain whatever muscle he lost.


Oh yeah... Youtube comments... I'm surprised that those people keep commenting on every damn training/diet-related vid on there.

I mean, how the fuck did such braindead morons figure out how to use a computer?


A watched a little bit without sound. Looked like there was crying involved. My lord...

I'll insert the probable dialog: "OMG, we can finally have sex with the lights on again!"



oh agreed..the majority of those who comment on youtube are without a doubt among the stupidest people on the planet.


all i'm saying is, to me, that is a fantastic physique, one that i would really admire as one to attain.

i think the main issue is that it was a 12 week challenge where he lost THAT much weight and retained/gained that much muscle. that's where steroid allegations could factor in. maybe it's genetics.

to me, incredibly impressive



Check out CT's 14 week "The Beast Evolves" transformation. It can be done with commitment.