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What's the Buzz About PHs

Hello, I have been reading this site for about 5yrs now, and have always loved it! BUT, what is all the buzz that seems to everyone is up in arms about baning prohormones? If there is some talk about it, what is the name of the bill that is trying to be passed in through the house of reps? It should have a bill #. If there is one, and if anyone knows what it is, please post it, that way everyone who is concerned about the ban can contact their local representative and express their displeasure of a possible vote to make any prohormone illegal. If enough people complain and disagree with such a ban, then a voice load enough will be heard. I’ve never been much for hearsay, or scare tactics from media sources, when I see the proof, then I will take a little more notice to it. Until then, Biotest makes some of the best supps on the market, and one of may favs was the Androsol, that stuff ROCKED! So once again I’m looking at some products, the riding season is over and it is time to hit the gym more often with the crappy weather determining my outside activities. Look forward to any input to this post.
The Gooch

The bill number is S.2195, it is called the “Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004”, and it passed Congress several days ago.

On 10/08/04 it was ready to be sent to President Bush for his signature. I’m not 100% on the way these things work, but I believe he has 10 days after receipt of the bill to sign it into law. $100 says he signs it.

Status of the bill:

From that link you can also view the text of the bill and the substances that will be banned.

Bad news, folks. Stock up.

If I’m mistaken in any of the info I’ve posted here, please correct.