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Whats The Big Deal Behind Grow!?


I hear everyone on here talking about it, whats so special and different from any other protien powder at my local vitamin shop? And if it's worth to get, which one is the best for gaining weight ...


1 - Quality
*It's a high quality blended protein. Approximately 50% is Micellar Casein, according to Biotest. Although they cannot divulge exact percentages since that's their proprietary formula.

2 - Taste
*It's hands down one of the BEST tasting shakes I've ever had.

3 - Low Carb & Low Fat
*Considering the great taste, this is a terrific feat.

3 - Value
*Great price for the quality.

So, try it for yourself and see if you like it.


Man the vanilla taste's like an angle cumming on your face. It really is that good


For some reason, I find that to be one of the funniest things I have ever read.



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Laughed for a good minute. Thanks.


Easy to Mix (even in water)
Tastes Great
Great in Recipes
You Know Where its Coming From


This is the number one thing to consider. It's the best. I don't just say that because I use it. I say that because I have used many, and Grow! is the absolute best. I wouldn't buy any other protein supp.


And don't forget the price!


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I'm not a big fan of chocolate Grow!, but it's rare that I find a chocolate protein shake that I like.

The strawberry and vanilla flavors are great. Like drinking a dessert.

To be honest, even if the only flavor was chocolate I'd still drink it just because there's no other protein powder that matches it quality-wise.


Heh, everyone has flavor preference differences. I like all of the flavors but not so much the vanilla.

Then again, when doing the velocity diet last spring I lived off of the vanilla for a while...


My thoughts exactly.

We're buying the best quality protein from the makers themselves. That allows us to get it so cheap.

Quality is the biggest reason for me, and the price the best I've seen for it's class.

The slightly cheaper proteins (usually whey only, or casein only) are not even close.


Let me put it this way: TRY IT FOR A MONTH AND YOU'LL UNDERSTAND! You'll look better, feel better, and fall in love with the taste and mixability.

Right now I'm taking a week or so "off" Grow! to make sure I don't acquire any food alergies to any ingredient(s)... I'm using a high-quality replacement but it just doesn't stack up. I try to do this once or twice a year...if I ever developed an alergy to Grow! I'd cry.


The chocolate Grow! tastes like....


The same cannot, to the best of my knowledge, be said about any other protein powder. Real dutch cocoa.


Hshs, well i definetely will try it, i have some cheaper chocolate protien right now that Does taste kinda cheap

I'll probably get the vanilla and mix some fruits in it.

Thanks for the help.

Btw, do you guys use water or milk? I cant stand it with water, plus milk adds some protien to the shake , which one gives better results?


It is good stuff....

I always bought optimum, still do for mixing in the morning with the oatmeal but for mixing by itself or meal replacement at work... Grow! is the way to go.


I usually use water, and it has the consistancy of milk with water alone.

I used milk before whenever I might want some more carbs, but I usually add some water with it because it gets too thick (for me).

I also don't like other protein powders with water alone, but this one is much different.

There's also no grittyness to it. It's silky smooth!


I mix mine with whole milk, but I'm bulking for the next few months (at least). So I drink milk any chance I get.


That can actually happen? I've had a scoop of Grow! a day every day since...awile now...hmmmmm


Thanks for the news on Grow! I've been taking some crap for the past few weeks because it was the cheapest stuff I could find. It shoud be advertised as a laxative, instead. Thanks again.