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whats the best...

What deodorant do you guys use to stop perspiration, I’m sweating all over the place with this speedstick bullshit, what should I get to stay dry?

Uh, cover yourself in talcum? sorry, just being facetious. But seriously, Degree is the one that I’ve been using for a LONG time now.

Secret. It really is strong enough for a man. It works well and even smells pretty good.

Go to your doctor and get a scrip for Drysol. This is an antiperspirant that you apply at night and wash off in the morning. Works unbelieveably well.

A deodorant does not stop perspiration, it stops odor(Well duh!) Most produces that stop perspiration do it by blocking the pores (Can anyone say zits) Nature made you body to perspire to keep it from overheat (Heat Stroke, maybe death). So I would rather perspire and smell good than die. Your choice.

Listen to Josh. You really don’t have to go to your doctor, though. Just go to a pharmacy, and ask for a product called Certain Dri. The active ingredient is Aluminum Chloride. The killer part is that you use it before bed one night, and the next day your armpits simply stop sweating. This product changed my life! I can wear any color of shirt I want. Another good thing is that it gets to where I only use it like once a month, and then I use a regular deoderant daily. Good luck.

I don’t use deodorant.

Drysol works well and it is easy to get a prescription if you have a severe sweating problem. It works well, but I find that though my pits are dry, I sweat more in other places, so I am not sure if it is worth it. Herc

Although anti-perspirants containing aluminum chloride are much more effective that deodorants, if you engage in strenuous activity (ie- weightlifting) I would avoid them. Apparently, they leech magnesium from the body which can impair performance and testosterone synthesis. I believe this issue was discussed years ago in an interview in T-Mag regarding Tribex-500.

What’s deodorant?

Arm and Hammer: Deodorant, not the anti-perspirant. Works great, no aluminum zirconium either. Lasts quite a while too.

I am a pretty heavy sweater and I use Old Spice: Red Alert Deoderant/Anti-P. Works very well. Give it a shot.

Mitchum. Stuff is good.

I use deodorant three days a week or so. I won’t use a antiperspirant, ever. That crap has aluminum in it,which isn’t really very good for you. It also blocks the pores, also not good for you. I have a friend that got a huge and very painful lump in his underarm from a blocked sweat gland that got infected. It hurt so bad he swore off of anything but ivory soap under there for good.

The things people do for fashion…