Whats the Best Way to Teach Squat

to my 13 year old son??advice please…thanx


aka: what kind of squat are you thinking of teaching?

i’d personally start out teaching a goblet / front loaded plate style squat (for olympic lifting) looking at progressing it to a front squat. or a sitting back onto a box style squat (for back squats) looking at progressing it to depth and eventually ditch the box.

goblet squats
box squats

and this vid:

[quote]phatphit wrote:
to my 13 year old son??advice please…thanx[/quote]

Get him comfortable with unweighted bodyweight squats (and lunges, push-ups, chin-ups, etc).

By “comfortable”, I mean able to do a dozen or so good, deep squats while keeping his feet flat on the floor the whole time.

Once he’s there, you can work with low rep sets using the empty barbell or, depending on his size, a shorter/lighter bar.

Dan John
Goblet squat
Prayer squat
In case it hasn’t hit home yet
(needs to be addressed first)

This is one of my favorite drills to use