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What's the Best TRT Protocol? Opinions About My Plan?

I am 39yrs old, 172cms height
taking TE 30mg/day subcutaneous …equal to 210mg/week
anastrazole 1mg/week

my total testosterone levels : 800-1000ng/dl
E2 levels : 40-50 pg/ml

I have been taking this dose since 1year 8months

lost 22kgs
body fat now 19% …from 30%

side effects: moderate hair loss and nothing else.

my fitness level is at a peak, the best i had ever achieved in my life.
I do workout daily.

what do you guys think about my TRT protocol. need feedback.

If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

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Fitness levels at peak is excellent, hair loss is a good tradeoff for better overall health.

Just stay away from finasteride and medications that block DHT.

I bet you notice estrogen levels decrease after losing 11% body fat, curious as that’s my goal.

nipples become very sensitive(they stand out for no reason)… …best way to find that estrogen levels are not in control…
(ruling out that sensitiveness is not due to cold.)

my story in brief…

I had become very fat and lazy… even after trying all types of dieting and lifestyle modification for almost 10yrs.

I had mild depression and anxiety which I have been suffering since almost 10yrs. have been on all kinds of antidepressants and sedatives

even after doing regular exercise and maintaining the diet, I was able to reduce my body fat from 33% to 30%… the biggest problem was… I could not improve my mood and hold my fat loss.

. I could not correct this even after tremendous efforts

after hunting for the answers for 3months I came across TRT. I checked my T levels were around 150-200.

after that, I started on TRT …and have tried all kinds of protocols.

my initial start of TRT around 1yr back… a dose of 250mg/week with 2injections subcutaneous per week took my e2 levels 70-80 range with body fat around 28%.

for hair loss, I am trying local application minoxidil with finasteride(both in the same solution). …to some extent hair loss has decreased. but I feel, I will be bald in next 3-4yrs.
i dont mind that … for the mental and physical benefits i got from TRT. i have never be so happy in my life. past 1yr is been great. i took many risky decisions which i had never imagined i will.
financially also i had much gains .

best part…i have 0% anxiety and no depression . i am not taking any pysciatric medication for almost 2yrs,

i know about PFS. hence, didnt take oral finasteride. i will apply local solution only for 3months and then switch over to plain minoxidil. thanks for caution;.

Sounds as though you are on the best TRT protocol, for you.

what TRT protocol are you doing???

200mg testosterone enanthate once a week.
Sermorelin/GHRP2/GHRP6, 0.5mg/0.1mg/0.1mg every other day.

200mg in one shot/week…?


how do you feel at the end of the week after shot. e2 levels??

I feel good, but go with what works for you. I think that is important to keep in mind. Those of us who have had positive experiences with TRT want to see others experience the benefits as well. Some of the stories here are gut wrenching.

There is a natural tendency for one to encourage others to do what works for you. However, people react differently to hormones. Look at women and their menstrual cycles. We all know some that seemed borderline psychotic at certain times. On the other hand, my wife was steady as you get, except when pregnant, but even then not bad.

Personally, I can’t say I feel any differently at 1100 or 700. At 350, I do. Whatever fluctuations I have, as long as I am high enough at trough, I’m fine and a once a week dose works for me. Keep in mind hormones naturally fluctuate significantly.

Re reading your original post, I think the results speak for themselves.

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