Whats' the best Test Prop?

All of you guys who’ve tried various Test Props which one would get your vote? I am talking in terms of pain. For you sadists out there I’ll qualify that as less means better!

Someone must have a favourite Prop.

Only tried British Dragon and I hate it. Thinking of making my own from USP powder.

I have only used the QV prop. I enjoyed it, and there was minimal to no pain

Bump again. Sorry but there must be more satisfied prop users out there.

The best Prop I have ever used was some Anatest I got here in Canada. It’s a veterinary drug I picked up from a dude who worked at “the stables”. I believe the manufacturer was Rhone Canada. Best prop I ever used. I swear I felt no pain with it and my gains came quick.

screw qv and all other vet shit! ill never use vet gear again.

I found both Peru tech and Spectro labs props (Canadian ug) to be pretty painless.

I’ve used Ip’s test prop in their sust 250 ( if that counts?). Obviously I can not comment on it since it was in a blend. However that product in general fucked me up pretty bad. I’m currently using qv’s prop and I-like-it-alot! Mild pain but not = to the swelling it causes. Make it great for spot-injections, especially in the delts, bi’s, tri’s, traps, and chest. Haven’t tried my calves. It also has my dick at standby 24/7. Little water retention with about 1/4 femar every 3-4 days + I’m on d-bol/eq with 4,500-6,000 kcals a day.

Redstars hands down. Now if I could just get the fucker to make some more…

I second Red Stars prop also. I hope he decides to make it and the humatren again!

using golden triangle’s prop 200 right now. its very good. somewhat painful. needs to be cut for sure.