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What's The Best Test-E ?


What is the best Test-E to stack with the best oral?

or would I be better off to stack with another injectable to get max cutting results with the secondary desired result being strength and lastly size.

I don't mind injectables.

in general my question is, what is the best stack to reduce my BMI and get strength and size?

Not my 1st time using gear just got some questions before I go on a crazy spending spree.


I think I'm going to try oxandrolone with Trenabol 200. Would an extra mix of Testosterone Depot be too much Test?

Which Test would be the better for keeping my gains?

What esters and or such would be recommended?

What would be the longest cycle and the most amount per wk a guy could stack with these?

I'm 33 yrs old standing at 5'8, 200 lbs

During this cycle would it be a waste of money if I took such things as stimulants and NO2


Adding test would be a good idea - maybe some prop (just mix the tren and prop together in one injection EOD) or if you want longer acting try Test-E taking a shot every 3-4 days.

What is the length of your cycle? What are your goals with this cycle?

Many wouldn't reccomend taking the tren more than 6 weeks but personally I would run it for up to 10-12 weeks with no problems. I love tren and add it in most cycles - currently doing a shorter 5 week cycle with tren + others.

What about you PCT - no point doing a cycle if you not goint to follow PCT to keep your gains.

I would also consider using proviron during the cycle. Also after reading AR article on stan I've added 20mg Stan tabs to give it a try as I'm on a high test base.


My length of my cycle is based on health recommendations, I plan to take an on-off approach for about a year or two. I see things that read to go on for like 8 to 12 weeks for some gear and then off for about the same time.

What is the PCT that you asked me about? Not familiar with abbreviations, I don't chat much.
I work in I.T. so I like to stay away from a PC as much as possible, so that I can have a life.

Do you mean my (Post Cycle Training) regimen? If so I plan on doing the same amount of work as when I was on them, just much less weight of course.

However, I am interested in your comment about the ability to "keep my gains" also could you elaborate more about the estrogenic bloating?