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What's the Best Program to Bulk? WS4SB?


I'm 6'1 155 pounds, started swallowing 3500 calories a day, gonna bump it eventually to 4k - 5k, I dont mind hard work just need to cover these bones with muscle, is WS4SB the best program?

What kind of results can I expect in 6 months? I dont have great genes...

Edit: Really sorry for typo in title, makes it look like I don't care about this thread... I spilled something on the laptop keyboard it acts up at times


There is no "best" program and the sooner you realize this the better off you'll be.

WS4SB is good, however.


This is about where I started, so i feel you on this one.

Good, make sure you are eating a lot, but also not eating 100% crap.

Really any program will work if you are a beginner. And you can probably run WS4SB for a LONG time without having to alter it. Just make sure you stick to it. Commit yourself to one program for at least 4-6 months. Most importantly, LEARN THE LIFTS!!!!! <-- This will be more important than anything else that I could tell you.

Don't think of this in a way in that you are going to ONLY work out for a time period, and then be done. Getting bigger and stronger is a day to day task that will last years, and it is one where you will never be satisfied. If you want me to tell you that you will look perfect in 6 months, it would be a damn lie. You will most likely progress in 6 months, and that's about all that matters, PROGRESS.

Also, don't feed me that bad genes bullshit, because genes aren't the issue. I started off very similar to your current stats, and i have made a decent amount of progress. The only excuse you should have in your arsenal is that YOU at the problem, not your genes.

Otherwise your attitude is going to kill any potential progress you may have.


Thanks guys really motivating posts.... Since I'll have newbie gains, is 30 pounds a realistic goal in 6 months If I stick to a plan?


Sounds realistic to me. I put on 30lbs in about the first 6 months I was lifting. I finished the year at +50.
Keep a food log. People that describe themselves as "hardgainers" are usually the kind of people that think they're eating a lot when they really aren't. When I first started I could go a day at 2,000kcal and not even notice I was eating so little if I didn't keep track.
Knowing how much you've eaten at certain points in a day can make it much easier for you to put down 4k+ kcal each day.


Yeah i'll do that and also keep a workout log, I think thats an overlooked, but powerful tool. I don't see anyone in my gym jotting down their lifts and reps


The best bulking program is to strap on the old feed bag and eat and keep eating.


Im self employed, in my office I got a fridge, microwave, toaster, and couple flights of stairs I got a full kitchen, so It shouldnt be a problem to keep eating.


Its a solid program, v.3 is best.
At 6'1, 155lbs, you'll need to put on 50-70lbs just to look like you lift.
-This is the attitude you need regarding food:



Sounds like a perfect setup. Good luck.