Whats the Best Natural T-Bomb?

Hi all. Not really a gym rat - but I do alot of rock climbing and can bust out like 80 dips in a row. But I am turning 33 in a month, and ever since 30 - I know that my testosterone has been decreasing. I went from doing construction to working behind a computer, my diet has been bad, not enough cardo or weights, etc. etc. and my sex drive has lowered. Even noticed a decrease in the speed my facial hair was growing at.

So I go to endocrinologist and he runs the tests on me and my T-count came in at the very very low end of the acceptable range. However, he will not prescribe any T-therapy because my T-levels were just inside the parameters of acceptable.

So - I am really suffering because my job is sitting on my ass all day, and my sex drive and testoserone levels are really affecting me on an everyday basis.

I am asking the help of this forum to assist me with this question:

I already know that I need to change my diet and my exercise routine to increase my natural T-count. Believe that I am doing that on my own now.

However- what I want to know is this: What is the absoulutely best natrual T-Bomb supplement out there right now with the most proven results (preferably one that has estrogen reducer pack so cycling is easier). I would appreciate any founded results any of you have had with these products (before / after increases in T-Count). I really wanted to give this a try naturally- - but if it doesn’t work - I am going to get re-tested and see if my levels are low enough for traditional therapy, and if this endocrinologist won’t help me I will seek help elsewhere.

Thanks for the help - I know I can’t be the only one suffering from this condition. I just wish there were more FDA testing on some of these products to substantiate which one actually does the trick - or if any actually do?