Whats The Best Movie of the Year so Far?

I would give my votes to the following:

MATRIX:Reloaded (just beacuse its the Matrix)

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

S.W.A.T. (just because every action scene the showen there was a sense of realism.)

and last but not least T3 (Reason Arnold)!

I didn’t see Seabusict yet so I couldn’t comment on that movie yet.

Pirates of the Caribbean. I just saw it last night and I’ve gotta say, it was the most entertaining movie i’ve seen all summer.

I 2nd that, seanc. POTC was a great, great flick. Matrix sucked. Waaaay too much computer generated imaging.

Finding Nemo was actually really good.

I liked the movie about the spelling bee. haha. i mean im not the perfect speller but im at least in the same neighborhood of how the words are really spelled.

I liked American Wedding. I can’t believe noone else commented on it here. Best line: Stifler: “I told you that guy wanted to fuck me!” Tee hee hee. :wink:

Uh, too early to tell.

Especially when the year’s “powerhouses” are not released until near the end of the year. You know, closer to Oscar that way.

I’m betting on LoTR: The Return of the King as the BEST. Seabiscuit has ONE great performance from Jeff Bridges (Oscar Caliber). Pirates was fun, but not better than Finding Nemo. Matrix: Reloaded was instantly forgettable. T3 and S.W.A.T.? Uh, neither would fall in “Best of the Year” category either.

This is summer. Where light, brain-dead entertainment is the tone of movies; but there are some that provide more. “Swimming Pool” is excellent. Another one is “Whale Rider”. Not all movies are filled with useless CGI and loud, uninvolving sounds; but some actually have a story and characters we care about.

28 Days Later is the best of the year, let alone best horror movie.
Although it’s hard to say without having seen them all–I really don’t want to see Matrix: Reloaded.

Bad Boys 2 was good in a dumb sort of

Matrix sucked and was too damn long.

I saw Finding Nemo twice…can’t wait
for the DVD.

I haven’t seen T3 yet.

Actually, I said what were the best movies have you guys seen so far. Not the best movie of the year.

I do want to see “Whale Rider” But, I think I’ll have to wait for it on dvd.

I thought I was clear on that? And I gave the reasons why I choose the movies that I saw and why they were the best so far.

fitone: READ your own original post.

“just cause it’s the Matrix” ain’t a reason. Also, read the title of your post.

I know I ain’t stupid and can read.

Why, I thought S.W.A.T. Was a good movie and a must see is the following:

#1 reason its believable and the senerios could happen in real life.

  1. Chase scenes were not long.

  2. Shootouts people were injured glass were shattered.

  3. Likeable characters.

  4. A more realism cops and bad guys movie.

Patrica my post say “Whats the best movie of the year SO FAR?”

Not sure about the date: The Ring =0) (Absolutely no link with the trilogy).

In a class of its own.

Brain Teaser of the year so far: Matrix Reloaded (and that Architect Guy`s revelations).

Best comedy so far: American Wedding.

Lamest movie so far: Daredevil (though Charlie`s Angels is not far behind, entertaining, yes, landmark (except Demi Moore, no), and Hulk almost as near.

Too soon to speak yet. The best is yet to come…

Man, I just saw LOTR: fellowship last night on STARZ. I seriously can’t wait until December. I’m going to be one of the first people to watch it at the midnight shows.

Matrix Revolutions better be better than Reloaded.

Am I the only one who liked Daredevil??? Mutherfuckers!!! Heheh. :wink:

I still want to see the subtitled…movie with Jet-Li coming out. Can’t remember the title. Just seemed like such a good story. :slight_smile:

Hulk was good only when he was smashing stuff. It was to slow in the start. The ending was fucked. Alright over all I guess.

We need that damn Rifts movie to come out!!! :wink:

Xmen 2 – a damn near perfect movie.

28 Days Later – made me think of “The Quiet Earth” but with zombies.

Matrix Reloaded (in IMAX!) – see it this way if you can. Trinty’s scene with the motorcycle at the beginning on the hyooge screen gave me wood.


I think X-Men 2 was a good one to bring up, I was very impressed with it.

However I am a T3 fan, I thought that they finally came up with the perfect action flick. Now dont get me wrong I am a film student and appreciate good film, or at least try to.

But anyone with balls can appreciate what T3 was. It was fast paced, any plot that didnt involve action was quick, to the point and shallow, all good things for action.

The action was amazing, never have I seen so many things blow up and rarely did I notice the mix between cgi and real life as a bad thing. The fight scenes were fast powerful and most importantly entertaining, not boring like the Matrix.

It was fast, it was loud, shit blew up. What more do you want?

Oh and one last reason, Arny is what? 55? Older? But still looks like one bad ass Terminator.

My $0.02.


Gotta be buffalo soldiers, no doubt the funniest thing i’ve seen for ages is those tanks!

Nice to see the englsh movie 28 days gettin’ a mention, check out dog soldiers as well if you like that genre.

25th hour and Catch Me If You Can